Set 6B+K → 3K → B+K BE → Set 6B+K → 66A → B+K BE → Set 6B+K → B → B+K BE → Set 6B+K → B → Set AAB → 66B → Orb 66A+BB.
20 hits, 75% meter, 247 damage before clean hits. Leaves you with just under a bar of meter.
@repo its practical does work.
@ramus, nah just timing.
You only need 3 BEs to kill off this combo starter.
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This is not new. Most of the bomb loops are death combos if you have enough meter.
Interesting, but I believe the combo asks for very specific conditions, no?
It wasn't me, I can't do that, but my friend did it online, look the 5th round of this video:


Jul 3, 2013 at 3:37 PM
Posted by AsDeEspadas
Performed by DaXviD_PER :sc5vio1:
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