When Online Trolling Goes Wrong!

Hey I like how you were losing first but than later came back to try to finish the job. I have to say you still did good because wining isn't everything, but wanting to win is the goal. I been thinking returning to the Soul Calibur series.
dude i just got to say that was a close one you almost had it until you got ringed out...i really do like that last final combo though...also when you mean online trolling going wrong? did you piss someone off or something? just asking...i never can get the timing right on the one combo though you did with that brave edge tehn use fear...i can do most of the others but it pisses me off to day tommorow i can't get that one right...got any tips just message me...viola is like one of my main characters...
This video has made my day. That may be the most appropriate win quote ever.
Really good match I wouldn't call it trolling... lol Nice Combo fest gone wrong@the end...
that must be Ramon, always so purple youd think he was Grimace from McDonalds land
Amazing Viola! Nice stuff!
I actually laughed out loud. Sick Viola though :D. I might be in Chicago sometime coming up soon if you guys want to try to get some games in. I main Algol because Cervantes is boring in this :\.
The ending win quote sums up the entire video.


May 17, 2012 at 12:02 AM
Posted by LP
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