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  • You keep saying arguments, but I keep telling you that I didn't say anything argumentive in my first post nor was it my intentions to argue with anybody. How is that not? One is logically deductible from the other as I just explained, maybe you guys just dont get it.
    I created this exact same topic on another forum and didn't get this kind of feedback, a lot of people here got offended by the topic but it's just a topic I can present a topic however I please, but it's not such a big deal like your making it seem.
    No, it was disrespectful for you to come at me with a statement that's basically saying I lack logic. Maybe it would be offensive to you but it was offensive to me, it would've been better had you told me the reason first. I did not create the topic for attention, debates, troll status or anything of the sort. I even stated that I was an agnostic individual but If I didn't agree with something of course I'm going to speak on it. People took it the wrong way man, they made it seem like it was a religious vs atheist debate and it was not, and not my intention for it to be that. If you read my first topic I wasn't arguing anything, Page's response is what started the argument and then other atheist came along adding to what ultimately became everyone vs shinji :/
    It's obvious that your statement was made based on a bigger argument, specifically speaking the Atheist topic that I made. Furthermore, you suggest that I take a college-level course in "logic" which assumes that I haven't taken such a course ready, thus making an ass out of yourself. Not to mention college courses are not offered in the topic of "logic" but rather logic is applied to to main topics or subjects, which means logic itself isn't sup-subject or sub-topic. You cannot simply state that a person lacks logic without providing a reasonable, plausible, rational, deductible, well thought out, open-minded, intellectual, irrefutable, LOGICAL reason for making such a claim. Otherwise, gtfo and stay out, please.
    What's this?
    The Archangel has descended from thy heavens to visit the cave of Pocky Yoshi?
    For that I thank thee well from the bottom of my heart. =)
    I guess I have to ignore you!2 >:P I may be 13 but in my soul there lies courage!
    Who said anything of Hannah Montana?
    At least 15 people like my threads with activity's!

    Instead of Yankees you!
    Some mind your bussiness!
    The fourms sure have gone to shit like you said. It is becoming more like GameFAQS. Although the SC4 boards are quiet over there nowadays. but they were not like that when I still had my account there. (Mostly because of me sadly.) Sorry for posting this. I just nedden someone to rant to.
    hehe. thanks. i didn't know of the newbie silencer, but now i have a pretty good idea now of what the hell people are saying.
    I know the feeling- English major myself, and the close of this semester is a cluster of papers.

    But yeah, they took out Capcom vs SNK (which was the only fighter I ever saw anyone playing down there) And threw in tekken 5, I think. Maybe it was a different game, but I seem to remember it was tekken 5; just months before T6 came out.
    Wait, they put T5 in? When?

    I'm a senior at ASU and I'm working on my capstone project, and since I'm a film major that requires me to not have a lot of spare time - especially over this particular break, unfortunately. Still, if the occasion does come up I'd be down for having my ass handed to me on a platter.
    Hah, you're real close then. You attending ASU?

    ASU's MU has a pretty shitty arcade. They took out the only fighter anyone played and put in Tekken 5, iirc.

    You should come around and play with lobo and I. We only play every once in a while, though more frequent recently.
    In Mesa off of University and Country Club - too bad I stopped playing SC. I wish ASU MU had a Soul Calibur 4 cabinet - hell, I'd take anything to improve on the shitty Tag cabinet they have.
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