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  • Deja vu, lol. Yeah man. Anyway, good stuff ColtZz. I was suprised to see you bring out Xianghua after just mere days of training! ^_____^ I think you are getting pretty good with her, but she has alot of moves with bad recovery (even though it feels like some of them don't), and I don't think you've discovered all of them yet. Get some more matches in with her, and you will discover them. That's part of the reason I say get a few matches in with me this week. I feel X's learn better from other X's. I mean, for example, even my match with you, I was excited to play, because I wanted to see how your style translates with her, maybe there is something I can learn from that too. But one thing I did see is that you are serious with her, you have gotten better than most X's I see online.

    GET AT ME!
    First too 5 is cool and we can play tonight cause Im boning up for this alabama tournament which will be my first ovvifical SC4 tournament so good luck and thanks for the competition
    good stuff man

    I'm still mad, I was handed a big L on my birthday of all days, but the silver lining is that you shed to light my PAINFULLY OBVIOUS weakness: I suck at throw escapes! Now I know clearer than ever what I need to work on. It might sound weird, but thanks alot for the L.

    Hope to play you again, but next time, it will be much different
    Looks like I'm playing against you today.

    Hit me up with a message here or on XBL whenever you're ready to go at it (or at least let me know what time)
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