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  • Again... please send me the brackets for Nationals, ATL Regional, Houston Regional and NVGA Championships.
    DFG, please send me the brackets for Nationals, as well as the regionals for ATL and Houston ASAP.
    yo man it was hanging wit u all dawg. yea i wanna how u do it up there! info: john goodson
    2471 main st n.w.
    hey, its dat boi CW. It looks like SA is going to be working non-stop for tournaments here on out!!!

    i'll keep you updated on the tournies that go on down here good sir
    hey man, i have a huge favor to ask of you. i've been involver in the albuquerque scene for years, and i feel as if we built a very solid and strong one there. also, i see what you've done with colorado and it is very good as well. well, now i live in phoenix, and although there are many good gamers here we have no organization. would you please contact jedirob...the main man at our local nvga branch www.thetemplearcade.com? the forums there are shit. the community is barely existent, updates take forever, etc. i would love to see nvga expand this direction, but don't see it happening at all, and i have been pushing rob for about six months now with no replies and no results. i dunno what i'm asking you to do really...perhaps just give him some pointers...perhaps help me in encouraging others to be more active in the az community...i dunno. you just seem like a good organizer and that is what we desperately need. let me know if you have any suggestions as to things i can do as well. thx.
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