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  • oh ok lol. I think I read it as, "train my amy" which meant you were asking me too. Good thing lol, because I really don't know much about Amy outside of 6BB, and 66B spam lol. I could spam her lows like 2B+K, and 1A. That would make my Amy good lol.
    yet again. Algol isnt my best and uhh you did stay as Kilik and you beat you?? after getting beaten 2 times you picked someone else. and first off if i spam you spam Mr. counter attacker.
    Er, Yeah, later. I won't be around for this weekend. Mind games play a big role in this game. Just find a play style that suits you, find a character you like, and stick with him. My main is also low tier. But I'm not one of the bests either, well maybe when it comes to online. xD Also, Asaba. No offense, you'd be a lot more respected if you weren't a spammer, You have more potential than that... If I stayed as Kilik I probably would have won 3-1 or 3-2, Asura GI's everything you do besides bullrush and bubbles. Regardless GGs. I raped with Kilik though.
    even need to pick my best ever that's how much the skill difference is. But you, you say you suck.... but i bet you don't. most of the users here say there good because of there little combos. as for me I'm combo-less therefore i don't need a move to beat you with i go with the flow. I have made an unbeatable fighting style to a point were i can pick who ever i want. Ive won 2 tourneys and second in the last one. sense i have no respect for this one then i didn't care about losing. so i picked who ever i wanted and Icy barely won. though icy is a good fighter.
    letting them fight me. offline you cant even touch me. I can block every attack a person throws at me. but sense I cant find a tourney that's offline I'll just deal with these poor fighters and their weak lag. Now i believe in letting the weak fight the weak. everyone has there place. my place is just on a higher level than theirs. I'm not full of myself i just go by facts a lost doesn't mean your better. a beaten does and i deal out plenty. I don't
    hm. please i hardly have to try. i don't even have to warm up for them. icy wouldn't had won against me if i knew i couldn't toy around two times. the 3th match is where i got serious and beat him every time. If i cared for the prize I would had picked my best like i did in 2 solid but this one. hm i don't even need the prize. want to face someone who's at my level and never plays around MOLDAIVER gamertag. as for me hm, these people are lucky I'm eve
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