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    It's been a while folks. Life happens. I might come back to the forum, we'll see.

    It's been a while folks. Life happens. I might come back to the forum, we'll see.
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    SCVI Siegfried Edits

    Hey, haven't seen you in a long time! Anyway, it basically still is my comfort zone, since Sieg is my main. :D
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    My attempt to make a cas

    Wow, this one looks absolutely amazing. Love the dress with one of my favourite color schemes.
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    Most Esteemed One-Shot Contest (Now in 4k!)

    Your corrupt Sophie seriously freaks me out, so I guess that means good job
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    Draggonnfs' SCVI Creations

    I made a darker and lighter version of him basically just for the heck of it. You may have misread - perhaps an experiment that DIDN'T involve the soul swords - that's why he retained his mind. So it's also not an entry for the one shot contest. If it was, I'd be the worst :D
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    Draggonnfs' SCVI Creations

    Hello folks, got another batch of characters coming. Adalynn - because a cute choco elf is love Adalynn alt Celia Averie Mounir - now this guy might be interesting. Yes, he looks like a fully mutated malfested, but his mind is untouched. Let's say it could've been some kind of experiment...
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    EnduringSoul CaS Gallery

    OH GOD what a total cutie
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    Soul Calibur 6 CaS Discussion

    Yeah, that whole deal was kinda disappointing, but hey, I'm still happy 2B is customizable, and her outfits available for Cas. If you use them on your own characters, you can still change the body proportions to an extent, and make them less exaggerated.
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    SCVI 2B Edits

    Choco 2P then. She's delicious 😉
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    SCVI Taki Edits

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    Draggonnfs' SCVI Creations

    Alright, not many quality characters today, but let's get to it. Another friggin Taki edit Giga Ni**a - just a meme character we made with a friend. Another Verity alt Featuring dat delicious booty I should probably actually make a new character again "Goth" 2B 2B in Aval gear...
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    SCVI 2B Edits

    Here are a few I made fairly quickly today "Goth" 2B 2B in Aval gear Slight edit to choco 2B
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    = Teh Gatsu's Official CaS Temple, i mean SC6 Edition =

    Awesome stuff, I love your angel character.
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    SC6: Issues with Stickers and other things.

    Stickers are still fucked, some equipment is still nonsensically incompatible. Those are my biggest issues with CaS, not fixed.
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    The Joys of Playing Dress-Up in your 20's - Melonator's Museum of CaS

    Wow, absolutely amazing alts. Stuff like the chainmail coiff and crown on Sieg is really cool and original!