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    Removing filthy heathens from the ring, aka Raph's RO Game

    It's dead in here and I don't see much of a thread for this so I decided to start one as a reference. I've looked into this a lot, and Raph's RO potential is actually not as terrible in SC6 as his typically is. Is it best in the game? Of course not. But if you're used to Raph having a poor...
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    Edit full changes inside! Next nerfs coming 17/1/2019

    I think it means that AG won't move as far back when done from 6B, but we'll find out soon.
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    Edit full changes inside! Next nerfs coming 17/1/2019

    Ignore the above, a few things about that are wrong. Here are some more accurate notes (not by me): Obligatory copypaste for the lazy:
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    Top 10-15-20 moves for Raph

    I decided to update my top ten. Some moves were on there that didn't make sense anymore. Although I'll probably have to update it again after the next patch hits, from the sound of it.
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    Dealing With Ruffians: A Comprehensive Raphael Punishment Guide

    @LOVELAIN it's not that complicated; B4 66B is just not a combo on Groh for some reason. You can do it near a wall or ring edge, but without that the 66B is blockable, at least by the training dummy. Don't think this is the case for any other character, but I haven't taken the time to test it...
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    Raphael Combos/LH/NC/NCC etc

    With Taki's CE there's so much time between the freeze and the attack that it's actually possible to B+K too early. I find 4B+K is an easier option anyway
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    Top 10-15-20 moves for Raph

    Top 10 currently: 1) WS BB~46 - leads to what is probably the best damage from a fast punish in the game 2) 6B~46 - between this and WS BB Raph has the punishment game covered, if they're -10 on anything they will eat damage 3) AG AB - super good step catch, mid/mid natural combo that combos...
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    Is 236B LH Broken?

    It doesn't count if the enemy is already in a stance when it hits. That means they've already passed the recovery frames of the move and can technically interrupt your move with an attack or escape with a stance movement. It HAS to punish the move while they're in recovery frames. Which means...
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    Raphael Pre-Release General Discussion

    I'll miss it as a quick wall combo transition. At least he still has 2A, which had about the same startup and range. What I don't like is losing Dark Abyss. It's a far cry from the useful SCC guard break version in SC2 but it was still fairly important as high damage oki. If he had his...
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    Raphael Pre-Release General Discussion

    First of all, here's a great resource for some moveset clarity (credit to loukemia): Random thoughts: - Since Raph can RE out of Prep and cancel out of RE, it means he can essentially guard from...
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    Soul Calibur VI: General discussion

    I don't think unlockable characters like Inferno will get announcements. Really hoping there's more of them, since OG Lizardmeng exists and seems like a possibility. I could see them announcing the first season pass DLC character in October (yes first, because apparently they don't consider...
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    [Seattle, WA] Ragin' in the Rain

    Shit I keep forgetting to go to these things
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    Raphael Pre-Release General Discussion

    Properly Timed Edition If that rising stab is the 214B it looks like a fun unsafe match finisher
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    [Seattle, WA] Ragin' in the Rain

    I thought this thread was dead
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    Stance Notation Poll

    I would just call it Shift, the same way we call Preparation Prep. Let's free Raph from these putrid acronyms