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    Azwel's "Love" and Combos

    22b,k - ABB , AAA 61 damage and leaves you in almighty mode. They can air control out of it by going back+right, back+left. It catches every other direction it seems. Edit: As of right now only 22b,k~ ABB, AA connects on everyone. The third A seems to only work on astaroth. Guess that's a...
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    Azwel General Discussion

    I would suggest that everyone who uses Azwel practice their iFC and iWR moves. He has some great tools from crouch and rising from what I've seen.
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    Azwel General Discussion

    Anyone have any idea on what his pokes are? I'm currently using b4 2bb iwrBB
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    [Southern California] Kings Of the Ant Hill

    I wont using the facebook group. I'll hopefully see you guys at WNF when I have the chance to go
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    Roadhog is the most fun out of all the heroes.
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    How true that article is

    How true that article is
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    With Or Against: Not Knowing Who Your Opponent Chooses.

    Didn't matter to me when I played more. Learn your match-up and it shouldn't matter who they pick.
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    BOOOM Street Fighter V exclusive to PS4 & PC

    Those alts looking really cool though
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    Down with Bloo

    Down with Bloo
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    Spectator cast Episode 1: Just Spectating

    Pretty interesting Mcgee. I haven't been in loop for a long time and this is helping me see where shit is at
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    Ezio Q&A / General Gameplay Discussion

    I'm on psn but I hardly play.
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    Ezio Q&A / General Gameplay Discussion

    Yeah its pretty much quick step then b+kG doesn't do much for ezio besides making him look cool.
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    Do you think characters having different health would balance the game?

    Did you compare Rey mysterio to Hulk Hogan? You know Rey is like 5'4 while Hogan is like 6'6 right?
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    Do you think characters having different health would balance the game?

    Also make it so small characters can't throw big characters. You don't see rey mysterio throwing the big show.
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    Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm gamers here?

    There was a website that had a little online scene a while back and was a little bit like this site. They had forums for each character and just basic info for getting better. It was a few years back but if i find the old emails i'll link you to it if the site is still around.