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    EVO 2013 SCV Side Tournament Stream & Schedule Info

    No Sawazuma, Decopon and/or Kamichang makes me a sad panda :(
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    Mood Changes Data 1.02

    Never a bad thing for the Tira user; there's a misunderstanding. Decopon was the Tira who started gloomy, while my own character was Pyrrha. XD Hm.. This might be useful. Are you implying that if, after the button check, i had gone back to the general menu before selecting VS again, Tira...
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    Mood Changes Data 1.02

    Unlucky, you mean :p ; the only time i noticed that was when i played Decopon. Rewatching the fight, i see it happened only the very first match (the one right after the button check) in the FT3, so i wondered if there were any trick, but yeah, a low probability random chance makes the most sense.
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    Cervantes Q&A / General Discussion

    the A.I does it 1 frame faster even while executing the move normally what i mean is, if you record iGDR, then put the dummy on 1st action block, 2nd action attack, you can easily make Cerv punish -16 moves i remember wasting some dozens of tries wondering why i couldn't manually punish...
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    -SoulCalibur V- Freeplays Alex_3D (Pyrrha) VS Trace_afj (Viola) Parte 01

    at last someone mostly going for the correct combos with viola
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    Cervantes Combo Discussion

    getting the second iGDR to relaunch is relatively easy when you connect the 3B from the right angle; i couldn't get the third iGDR tho, could be character specific.
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    Asta Match-up List

    Np, it could happen to anyone.
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    Asta Match-up List

    what are you talking about? when you activate the armor, the second bullrush recovers much faster. it's around -15 on jg... that's strange, you should have definitely known this
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    Asta Match-up List

    No launch there, just BB.
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    SCTier Night Fights #1 SeungCheul VS. Xephukai PSN FT10

    Great idea! Nice to see I'm not the only one using the horribly unsafe 236K :p Too bad for that bit of slow down; Where is SeungCheul (and Fuzion i guess) located compared to the other players? Could some of the coming sets be recorded offline? If not, nevermind, i'll follow anyway.
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    Videos From World Game Cup 2013

    Strange, i thought those would already be listed. All the 5 vs 5: 3vs3 final
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    Asta Match-up List

    I like that matchup :p
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    [Italia] scrostati dall'online!

    Se sei italiano e ti interessano smazzate dal vivo, posta in questo forum: Al momento ci sono ritrovi ogni fine settimana a Milano oltre ad un numero di giocatori dispersi per lo stivale. If you are interested in some offline matches in Italy, post here...
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    Mood Changes Data 1.02

    How can Tira start a match in Gloomy? Is that random?
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    World Game Cup 2013 Results & Aftermath

    Thank you :) So, the 4 stronger japanese players were all on the same side of the bracket. Makes sense.. NOT. Was it done to ensure more "interesting" finals? Maybe sponsors or some weak shit like that? anyway, the VIDEOS recorded by Italians (Coden Pyrrha vs Shining Decopon Tira) FT3 I...