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    Seong Mi-na General Discussion/Q&A Thread

    Not positive since its hard to test things in this game, but if opponent's back is to the wall, if you land CH bA you can slightly step left and do 4A+B as a combo.
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    Lizardman General Discussion/Q&A Thread

    So Lizardman is fun. Unbreakable grab + actual combos! I've no idea how to do the glitch on 214B+K though.
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    1st Annual Filthy Cup Results

    This is super late, but GGs to all I played. I'm glad I entered even though I hadn't played in over a year. Had a lot of fun and it made me miss SC a bit; here's hoping SC2 HD will get a little tourney love.
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    Seong Mi-na General Discussion/Q&A Thread

    Been messing around with the game since I got my PS2 working. While this won't be useful, I like how full soul charge turns 8A+B into an unblockable. Mid, horizontal, fast unblockable. 7_8_9B becoming one too is also cool. Gonna take some getting used to that 3B doesn't launch at tip though...
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    Seong Mi-na General Discussion/Q&A Thread

    I'm definitely gonna have to try and contribute stuff when this is out. I've missed Mina!
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    Aeon General Discussion / Q&A

    Well here's random stuff you probably already know, anyone use em? Fireball techtraps after 1A 66B (and will track one side tech some other times) 4B+KG can be a techtrap after 6B$ (dunno how to land it consistently but it can work from anywhere if I remember right) 44A held can be a move...
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    The Legend of Korra

    I'm liking it so far, although I don't think I'm particularly fond of the love triangle, or how completely overpowered the blood bending was. As long as they don't make Asami defect for Mako breaking up with her or something...
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    [MD, VA, WV] sure is dead here

    You moved here chaoticity? Yeah, not too much for SC, I'm somewhat near Tiamat I think but not sure if there's gonna be anymore planned tourneys. It's more of a tekken area.
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    Dienasty Warriors 7: Empires

    Agreed with 360 needing a port, and yeah more late Wu officers could be nice. Also hoping that the characters will carry over their updated WO3 movesets, it'd feel like such a step back if they lose those.
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    Just playing other things, finished school a few weeks ago, etc. I should play again though...

    Just playing other things, finished school a few weeks ago, etc. I should play again though. Actually got third at a local last weekend despite not having played much, but unfortunately game's dying in my area and will probably be dead once September's here (TTT2 hits). You been good? Any plans...
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    Aeon Punishment List & Discussion

    I'm assuming that's correct, posting all the stuff here then it gets pasted over into the locked thread. I also owe everyone some work on this since I still didn't get back to it, just haven't been playing the game. I'll start some Cervy punishments this week.
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    Aeon General Discussion / Q&A

    It clean hits? That's...just...awesome!
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    Aeon General Discussion / Q&A

    1B+K do it =)
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    Aeon General Discussion / Q&A

    That's why I said it wasn't anything Aeon specific, I personally don't like how it makes the game feel overall with all movement being so unsafe, and again I backdashed/turtled a lot with how I used to play so I need to change my playstyle. And back on topic, do you guys like/use 22_88K?
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    Aeon General Discussion / Q&A

    Also with 44A, last I checked, it can break guard. You have to hold it slightly but don't have to fully "charge" it. Some opponents may also not punish it due to fear of fly K, but be careful and don't abuse that. Fully "charged" version is also a little safer I think and does impressive gauge...