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She forgot.. ah ah Hello Khent. Nice to see you 're still here. Aug 10, 2012

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Jul 8, 2015
    1. malek
      In my opinion, take back RTD vs Whoaaaz and Teflon vs Xeph.
    2. lobo
    3. Age_of_Truth
      hi malek, i understand you are organising the registration of national teams for SCIV at Cannes 2011. i am hoping to help to put together a team for the UK. what do you need from us?

      also any general advice for coming? there was no UK team last year and personally I haven't been to any tournaments outside UK

      j'ecrit en francais tres mal et je lit plus mal, donc j'ecrit en anglais, desolee :(
    4. GreatOne1939
      Your PM box is full.

      That is perfect. I'll have the rooms ready then.

      And thank you very much Malek. I am a HUGE fan of Soul Calibur, so there is no way I couldn't do something to help contribute bringing top frenchies (and Top Ivy in the world) to come and play. Plus Mick is a good friend of mine now. He wants to play you badly. LOL! See you in Philly.
    5. malek
    6. Nofacekill3r
      which airport is the best for WCG 2011?
    7. G.O.D.Mistmoehre
      Hi malek, it was a great tournament with to much damned crazy Ivys ^^ hope, that next year remains the axe ande the title in germany :P
    8. malek
      Yep I've seen. Unfortunately I'll not be able able to come in USA in September (except in case of Miracle).
      I've heard that there is another in December called NEC.. right ? I'll try to come for this one.
    9. Nofacekill3r
      When are you coming to the USA again? There is a tournament in September, hosted by Idlemind.
    10. Nofacekill3r
      I hope I made you proud! You are my SoulCalibur hero. :)

      You were right, our character has too many gimmicks, and people are not "cyborgs." Haha.
    11. malek
      I still loose more than I win so...
      Just Ukemi is only needed if you play in an environnment with lot's of Mitsu.
    12. Nofacekill3r
      It's ok, I'm gonna register as "MalekPoser" haha
      WP 6B+K, CL 1B A+B+K, SW 2A+K - GO GO
      Now I just have to practice Just Ukemi on 2KB 100% like you...then it will look the same LOL
      Of course, the actual [I]winning[/I] part, I may not be able to do as well as you. :(
    13. malek
      Not possible for DEVASTATION because of my work... sry.
    14. Nofacekill3r
      Come to DEVASTATION instead of GAMME! :D
    15. malek
      100% sure yes. Scud will come too. Saitoh too, and lot's of other French players.
    16. malek
      Sry guys, I don't play online anymore. I don't have net at home.
      Maybe I'll get it again for SSF4 but I'm not sure about that.
    17. teflon2105
      Do you give training lessons?
    18. TheHumanTyphoon
      Malek, I want to use my xbox 360 while i'm in france is this possible in anyway? let me know soon so I can prepare. I was told that the tv plug or wall plug are different in Europe!
    19. Nofacekill3r
    20. malek
      Sry Ditto. But everyday it's full, right now...
      I clear it again.
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