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  • cool. oofmatic says we got till monday night. i'm usually on in the morning and afternoon hours on mondays (EST). i work at nights so we'd have to do it earlier on in the day.
    I'll be around most of the day on Monday. Just gotta go make a few runs to places but other than that I should be around.
    hey, i've been pretty busy this weekend. i don't even know if i can be on tomorrow (sunday). do you think that they'll give us an extension if we request one? we both got in contact with each other, but haven't been able to make the time. what time are you available on mondays?
    You and me for the tournament. My GT is Aza SG. Hit me up whenever you feel like it, a'ight?
    aye i herd you can do kiliks just frame and that your really good do you still play cause i wanna get some matches in, im working on kilik and id like to see how to be better also im haveing alot of problems with his jf
    Well I don't live in Ohio anymore. . . .I'm in DE now. Been here for about a month now, sorry. You could post up in the Ohio thread and check it out that way.
    Yes that would be me lol. I'm playing SC4 now though unless I have to play DoA 4 again.
    Are you the same NinjaCW from CGS? I remember seeing a really good DOA4 player that went by that name.
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