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  • hey, would like to play gainst you in person, if not Arnidrake and Tseuee are my XBL names and Tseuee is my PSN name
    That sounds good to me, I have 2 or 3 players learning the game as well, one by the name of Jay and the other by the name of quinton. I will definitely hit you up sometime to meet and play. My # is 410-710-8793. I live in west baltimore in the park heights area, are you close to there?
    Whats up Promiethius. My name is Darrell and I was trying to find a SC scene anywhere in the Baltimore area, and your name was most mentioned. I'm just looking for someone to play in SC cuz everyone i play except for a 2 people cannot play. the 2 i have mentioned have since moved away or gone away to college. I want to start or resurrect a SC scene similar to the likes of Smash Bros or Str. Fighter. Hit me up. Later
    LOL Playing offline kills your online game and vise-verse lol
    I tried both and the timing and reactions are different and hit order also changes alot.
    But I have met people that have mastered the transition I just wish I could....
    Woahzz is very good at both sadly
    are you from Pittsburgh? I'll working there come July. You guys should come down to State College sometime if we can get a tourney together.
    I think I have most of her stuff down pretty well now, aside from adjusting to different TVs and ag:B which I haven't found a use for. Now I gotta work on playing better with NM.
    So I tried out your advice for landing the Umbrella after A+K B with Sets, I think it's working!
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