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  • SC5 weeklong hiatus starts now. Need to step away from the game for a while.
    Nothing beats out going to majors and beating the shit and getting shit beat on you. Yes, I used beat 4 times in this update.
    Yo, I was the Natsu you mirrored with at IGL Friday night. Do you have FB? Lemme know whenever you're going to be at IGL Friday nights for more SC5. I need to lvl up :)
    You bet. My name is Raleigh Kung on FB. GG's, again. Looking forward to more. I'll be posting on the Las Vegas thread (in the regional section) regularly, and I'll most likely be available for any gathering/tournament.

    PS. There's a tournament on Sat next week at IGL too. :) Looking forward to seeing you there.
    I saw in the stick thread that you own a Hitbox. I've never been one for sticks, but I'm a bit more open to a Hitbox. I've got a few questions from someone who isn't on their development staff though, if you wouldn't mind:

    1) How much has it helped your game?
    2) How steep is the learning curve?
    3) It's marketed towards the SF crowd - is there as much of a benefit for SC players?
    4) All in all - worth it?
    so what did you think of my yoshi since last time?? down to game tonight?? lemme know
    You quit SC? That's sad. It's happening again. I mean, I knew that in the end Ivy players would become an extinct species like in SC3, but I didn't expect it to happen so early. Woahhzz told Malek, that he is going to quit too! I wonder who's next... =(
    Yep, we probably will have something going on that Friday. You should pm Nyawu though if you haven't already.
    U think ull have a gathering on the friday, 27th? i mite be able to get that day off my friend told me its spring break for u guys which i actually didnt anticipate when i requested it off lol.
    I'm in north Texas, between one and three hours from Dallas depending on where I'm living at the time. Where did you think I was?
    Which regional were you thinking of coming over for? I might go to Tulsa since I can't make Final Round, but if you want to fly out for Dallas, I could show up there too.
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