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  • Understandable. Final Round is still a maybe on my end, too. You'll just have to win your regional, I guess. =)

    And you kinda get used to being alone, haha. I believe there's only one Ivy player per U.S. Time Zone.
    Well ... from digging through the tournament announcements forum, Final Round is the only major until summer. Would that one be a possibility for you? I know a few other Norcal guys want to go there.
    Hey, Sora. I saw your post in the Ivy Combos thread but I didn't want to make an off-topic post.

    I actually planned on heading out there over Christmas break, but my money situation didn't quite work out as I hoped. Do you plan on attending any of the big tournaments this year? It seems like only Sow has been repping our girl at major events up to now, and I'd like to change that.
    Sure. =) I'll catch you online.

    Me on the other hand, have gotten so much worse. Out of practice. :p
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