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    [Ohio] Class is now in session

    I'll definitely be more active when the game releases
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    EVO 2018 SCVI Side Tournament Action!

    fckin H Y P E
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    It's Getting Hot in Here... Voldo is Back!

    Will DIME be playing nightmare or voldo though?
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    Soul Calibur VI New Gameplay - EVO JAPAN 2018 !

    English Translation below. :) Salut tout le monde ! Je suis en ce moment à l'EVO Japan, le plus gros tournoi au monde de jeux de combat, pour sa 1ère édition à Tokyo ! A cette occasion, la nouvelle build de Soul Calibur VI est présente, avec : Sophitia, Mitsurugi, le nouveau personnage "Groh"...
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    [Ohio] Class is now in session

    Wheres the Ohio scene at?
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    @maximilian_ Breaks Down the Latest Famitsu Article

    Every time I hear someone repeat "70%" I know the dev team collectively winces.
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    Hey guys, I'm M.o.D

    I take it you're a Zas fan based on your profile pic. Same here. Hopefully he'll be in 6. Welcome to the site.
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    SOULCALIBUR 6 Announced at the TGAs!

    Is it just me or is Mitsu not crouching to block Sophitias low hit in that trailer?
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    SOULCALIBUR 6 Announced at the TGAs!

    Excellent. I'm putting together the frame data from the trailer as we speak.
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    SOUL CALIBUR 6 LEAKS: Is It Real?! Hopes & Discussion w/Maximilian

    UPDATE! There's a supposed BANDAI Namco event on Dec 15th where 5 new titles will be shown. It's very likely SC6 could show up at this event. Check out our Livestream! My official hardware provider is ASUS ROG, check 'em out! ►►► Capture your...
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    How do I donate?
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    SDCC SoulCalibur Talk Summary

    This isn't even the bug I'm talking about. I'm talking about the ability to cancel out of moves, usually to restart them for big damage, or avoid combos to make certain move sets completely useless. It completely broke the game. It's known as variable cancel or VC. Why was a game...
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    SDCC SoulCalibur Talk Summary

    In Soul calibur 3, they released the game to consoles first in a broken, buggy mess. Normally when you release a fighting game you release to arcades first, and patch your machines over time. Then when the game is stable you released to consoles since there was no Online patching available...
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    SDCC SoulCalibur Talk Summary

    I look hesitantly optimistic about this. Calibur has a large enough casual base to justify a release if done correctly. But I think we all know the odds of that happening are. The series has endured a legacy of terrible mismanagement. -Soul Calibur 3 getting released to console before...
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