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  • I give props where props are do...you beat the GreatOne. But the GreatOne understands what happened when you won at the Smackdown hotel. You got down on your knees, put your little hands together, said a prayer, and it went something like this..."Oh dear God, you see my name is Rock and I just beat the GreatOne. But there's still one problem though, everyone thinks that I ABSOLUTELY SUCK." Then your house started to shake, the heavens opened up and GOD HIMSELF spoke to you and said this..."Stone?",(YOU) "but my name's Rock",(GOD) "IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOUR NAME IS!!!. LOL! Naw bruh, good games. We gotta do it again next week. I need redemption.
    The GreatOne says this...he will drag Rock's candy ass down Know Your Role boulevard, hang that right on Jabroni drive, where he will go ONE on ONE WITH THE GREATONE..and get his candy ass checked into the SMACKDOWN hotel!!!
    well I was tired and hadn't slept ..so I was playing more to talk with ppl than to play..lol. Koompbala is a friend but I didn't know the other guy. We were both just messin around cuz it was so early in the morning (neither of us had slept).
    lol...well... I tend to not be on until about 6 at the earliest (when I don't have any basketball games or anything that day...some days I don't get on until later for OTHER reasons as well). Which is why I play at night..lol..bus during the day o.O... I just tend not to sleep :) (practice for med-school!! WHOOO..lol). But yes..it would be nice. And what happened tonight when you were trying to play with me and greatone??
    lol...well.. I use his iron fist moves even when I'm trying, but there were some other things in there i was trying out (like his REF stance counter unblockable..lol..gets me hit more than I hit it..lol). I also stopped short of getting ringouts on you (which is more of what I was talking about..lol).
    I actually play lolo online sometimes. I think I get about 6-4 or 7-3 on him with my own yoshi vs his. Of course its hard to say because we are both a lot better offline than we are online and we have kinda bad lag since he is in mexico and I'm in california. (he doesn't use iron first enough though... and is a TAD abusive of lows online with lag..lol..but its all good).

    But yea..if you ever feel like learning yoshi or cervy or asty or sigfried or lizardman or even some of the ppl i only "kinda" know feel free to ask! I have a mic which means I can TALK to help you instead of sending messages like I used to do (lol).
    good to play you too :) My offline cervy and yoshi are much better though o.O wish we could get offline but alas.. I'll take a good connection over a bad one :) lol. Some of that maxi stuff tracking is weird. (I fucked around a LOT with yoshi against you..lol..but the cervy wins were legit 100% for a good connection online match :) you are getting better which is good !! ..or I'm getting worse?? lol) look forward to playing you again sometime!
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