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  • yo. Hit me up if you ever wanna get some SC games in. I've been without an xbox for a few weeks now and i'm starting to get soul calibur withdrawals.
    Yo GATOR, we've played online a couple times and I realised we are in the same area. I'm on your friends list as LetThereBeMETAL. I've heard you're looking for some more offline play and seen you've been playing a lot of SF4 lately too. maybe we can get some sessions of both games in sometime?
    Get a job and buy a mic jabroni!!! Lol! Damn white boys always lolly gagging around and never keeping up with their responsibilities or what's important. Meh, I'm having issues with my internet anyway so I probably won't be on live for another week. You know I'll get at you (with a few insults of course) when I get back on. Holla!
    Yeah, my boy Sweets made him a friend. And naw I didn't get to see it I was outside smoking, but my boy was just telling one of our friends about it literally 5 minutes ago. And do you really think your Rock is gonna be able to beat us consistently for long?....It doesn't matter what you think!!! Lol! Naw you do real good with him. I was just telling these two players about that B grab to the Guard Break smash combo you use. Oh by the way, one of them was this girl Poisonous Bloom. She is a absolute beast at the game. If you know her then you know what I'm talking about. But if not make sure to bring your A game cause she does.
    Man, that shit was crazy. I'd beat him, then you'd beat me, then he'd beat you for a time. Then my roomate got on and couldn't beat anybody then I couldn't beat anybody. Fuck! We gotta really get a new joystick. I've been talking to godspu but I just don't really have the $400 for it right now. Dealing with the lag AND our buttons or stick not responding is totally killing us. Sorry for my roomate crying like a bitch about it though. My roomate can play a passable nightmare though so if you catch him ask to play with him. And give up Rock bruh. LoL! He was put into this game to get punished only. But good games to you bruh. You was whupping our ass all night.
    thanks again and i think i have more of a chance against the person id be placed up against next cause i know one of them and where pretty back and forth, the other guy dosn't know all my tricks like you do, and even if you didn't know my tricks your yoshi's too tricky for me :) (i'm thinking about picking up yoshi so i hope i get some training inwith you soon)
    shit im up against you thats another lose in the first round when you wanna gett this over with
    yeah, sorry i didn't call. I had a really late night friday night and i slept all day saturday before i had to go to work. What are you doing this week?
    Yeah, last night was alot better. What happened to our connection? That algol match was so weird. I've never played a whole match in slow-mo like that. At least on my side, 8 way run moves were almost impossible, so that's why i just started doing A+B. lol
    Man, I was not feeling it this morning. I just got home from playing all night with the seattle guys, so i was dead tired. I kind of woke up playing you, but i didn't like playing the other guys in the room. Who were they?
    Dude, I couldn't join for shit. I don't know why. I restarted my xbox and it still wouldn't let me connect to your game. Greatone has the same problem when he was trying to join the game we played last week. I don't know if we need to have more private slots, or less private slots, or if its just something whack with our internet.
    We should try playing at a more Godly hour. I don't use my mic because I don't want to wake my mom up because I play late. Also, TBH, I'd never seen alot of the stuff you were doing, but the iron fist possession stance stuck out because you raped me with it so many times. :)
    Dude, I had no idea you were doing Iron Fist possession shit on me. I just figured it out reading the mexico aftermath thread and then looking it up. I'm glad you were fucking around with Yoshi otherwise i'd never have been curious enough to find out! That drop from the sky unblockable is a bitch! Even Fhwoarang was getting nailed by it...
    Great matches last night! I'm glad that i'm improving so i actually won a few rounds. Its nice to play you and get some good xp versus yoshi and cervy because noone in Seattle plays those guys.
    i gotta say i was very impressed by your cervantes last time i played you i think you and lopedo are the top cervantes online and i actully enjoyed it when you GI'd me into a wall then grabbed me off the wall. Also i forgot which character you where playing against but you cought them with B2 at the beggining of one match very skillful i hope to play you again maybe some of you skill will rub off on me
    that wasnt my fault, my internet has been cutting me off randomly lately and I dont know why. I couldnt get it to come back up till a couple hours later. Sorry holmes
    good matches today it took me a while to get used to how you play but after that it was still pretty even between us i need to work on punishing attacks with iDGR it always comes out a little to slow and then they get a BT grab also i liked how you did mix ups with B2 but you need to use iDGR in combos more
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