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    GR0H Ukemi Trap

    I believe the combo itself can be Ukemi after (Stance, A+B) but will still hit the opponent. *I seen it happen* Unless I did a counter hit to launch him up in the air more, I can use (Stance, B+K) it is a guaranteed 10B+K , 66B+K. The Ukemi trap itself, I didn't even know what I did would work...
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    Soul Calibur VI: General discussion

    I am curious, for the ppl who did try out soul calibur 6, did they nerfed the wall hits from 2 to 1? I remember on sc4 and sc5 you can get 2 wall hit to do more combo damages and while on sc6 I saw only 1 wall hit. Can someone confirm that for me please and thank you
  3. T Take a look at this article and spot... Take a look at this article and spot one thing from it that will surprise this community
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    Namco's Mentioning Soulcalibur Again

    Exactly, that what I am saying
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    Soul Calibur games

    Hey guys guess what, Soul Calibur 6 doesn't exist. The Soul Calibur community is long dead and don't expect anymore Soul Calibur games coming to console since they love to make stupid Soul Calibur games like the phone apps and The Lost Sword bull shit. Sorry to break it with you people but Soul...
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    Guide: New Calendar and Event System!

    why you think not a lot of people are looking at this? I'm just letting the guy who post this to know that no one cares. Someone got to say it.
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    Guide: New Calendar and Event System!

    yup because I don't care, I just want them to announce SC6...... We already lost a lot of people in this community so I might as well say, I DON'T CARE.
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    Lost Swords ending on November 30th. A new Soulcalibur title in our future?

    I dont care, I just want a fucking soul calibur 6 to be announced for the new gen consoles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Devil Jin is now legal to use in SCV tournaments.

    No one care about him now a day dude.....
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    New SOULCALIBUR Title at E3? *EDIT: Hah! Nope

    Please you guy have got to add Kilik (His own weapon) and yun seong to the new soul calibur game. I main Mitsu, Patroklos, and Maxi cuz soul calibur 5 was my first game to be competitive but when i try out soul calibur 4 for a bit, i love yun seong and Kilik even though he was hard to learn his...
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    Soulcalibur Facebook Poll Results!

    I wanted Yun-Seong to be playable!
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    yea a online ranks match or players

    yea a online ranks match or players