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    Is it just me or SCVI throw break system is retarded?

    I think the window to break a throw should be smaller, and every throw should just be broken with a button. There is almost no reason to not go for 4AB throws because actually have to hold a specific direction to break makes it much better. When I fight astaroths or anyone who throws outside a...
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    Seong Mi-na General Info/Discussion

    So it does combo? I thought you could air control out of it so it's not consistent, I get it in training mode easy sure but I stopped going for it because it misses half the time.
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    Seong Mi-na General Info/Discussion

    any advice for her 44A? I'm having lots of trouble getting it in range for a fatal counter besides maybe after a GI, but I can get more damage if im fishing for an counter GI with just AB. It's also kind of slow and gets interrupted a lot. I also found out you can't combo 3b into her just frame...
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    Does Talim need a buff?

    yes, most of her stuff just doesn't work. Her back stance for example is total trash, her lack of block strings makes her easy to abuse GI or just duck, her damage isn't good particularly on counter hits and for a short range character (compare her to maxi for example) her guard breaks aren't...
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    Soul Calibur VI: General discussion

    Are the devs serious with this game balance? How did they think Talim was okay compared to fighters like Ivy or nightmare?
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    Talim is almost as bad as SC4 ver.

    Talim might be the worst character in the game, people say Raph is pretty bad though. She's honestly amazingly bad, no range, has trouble getting ring outs, no way of getting in, honestly slow attacks, everything is punishable, most verticals suck, few lows that don't lead into anything, you...