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  • Hey Zombie. Been offline for a while. The next time you see me I'll prob. be on aAngryZealot for a while. Well yeah, didn't pay the bill so I have a lack of internet for a bit. Only cause I'll be taking a vacation for a while also. Well yea, see you soon
    keep seein u on live man, next time ima join and we can get somr matches in.... juss look for darkmessiah88
    Hey, got your message a little late. I found out that page by myself though as I navigate through the website for the first time. I'll upload a avatar later =/. I'v be mainly atm researching chracters for future play. So far, terrible. I'v try so far Yun, Cassy, Lizard and Umbrella girl. The frame rate data been somewhat useful too.
    where have you been latley my cery still needs lots of improvement and i think playing you help i need Big Ray Ray lol
    I had someone over last night, that's why my mic was muted you just kind of left.

    Anyway, I just need to know how many framed it takes for him to enter each stance, I could find out the frame data for the individual moves myself if I knew that much.
    we gotta get some matches in again sometime i haven't gotten pounded by a algol in so long
    Don't forget you need to find super bubble combos that work on Yoda. AND Pirate Yoda.
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