Let´s be real.. Reversal Edge SUCKS

    If anyone did NOT notice that until now, then just watch these 2 gameplay videos: Only one RE at the beginning, the rest without: Compared to CONSTANT RE usage: This feature is for beginners, like Namco already mentioned. BUT it takes SO much more away... The beauty and fluidity of the...
  2. FenrisZero

    It's Over For You; Ivy Punishment Thread

    Placeholder until we get final build's frame data.
  3. FenrisZero

    Ivy General Submissions for Discussion

    Stop whipping around the forum for Ivy info! Stay and discuss below!
  4. FenrisZero

    Escape is Futile; Ivy Combos

    Natural Combos Counter Hit Combos Wall Combos
  5. sojirothatenken

    How Astaroth grabs Ivy