Mod to reduce offline input lag on PC by 1 frame

    Soulcalibur 6 has 1 fake frame of forced input lag that can be easily disabled on PC with simple modding, just like Tekken 7. This is the meaning of the training mode "Frame Delay" options:1 frame = While Offline 3 frames = 5 bars 5 frames = 4 bars 7 frames = 3 bars 9 frames = 2 barsThe lag...
  2. Voidzy

    Wind Walker: My Talim Montage ❤️

    My first attempt at a sc6 montage, I spent a lot of time working on this so I hope everyone likes it!
  3. F

    SC6: Issues with Stickers and other things.

    Okay, so, this is more of an article to be posted on the soulcalibur and producer's twitter so they know these issues and hopefully address them in a future patch. Feel free to add issues that aren't here, or talk about your feelings on the matter, though. While there are some 'nice to have'...
  4. R

    Hey, semi new player returning. (PC, looking for players to play with, learn the game.)

    What's up FGC, I've been interested in fighting games at many points, mostly MK9 and X< a bit of IJ2, and SC 3 through 5. I've never gotten that good, and only ever had some okay basics during MK. I've been thinking about picking up Cervantes, but I barely know where to start with SC, when it...
  5. evilbuho

    Texas Shodown is going to have SC6 Demo

    Hi everyone, it's been a while. I just found out that SC6 is going to have a playable demo for Texas Showdown. It would be awesome to see some familiar faces. Hoping some of you can make it out, for demos and playing casuals you usually don't need a competitor pass however there is a spectator...
  6. K

    Reversal edge discussion and thoughts (read Namco <3)

    Namco Reversal edge should have a limited use something like only 3 times a match you can reversal egde. My reason being it will probably never be used in high level play and if it does get used unlimited use seems overpowered. having it limited would make it more strategic in high level play if...
  7. AndyrooSC

    Pre Release SC6 Zasalamel Gameplay Discussion

    Lets have a thread for what we learn about Zasalamel in sc6 breaking down any trailer and gameplay featuring him letting us speculate. I mainly know SC4 Zas so will mainly be using that games notation. Firstly we have this brief SC6 Battle Director comment: ' Zasalamel is an easy to use...
  8. Vermilingus

    Some Speculation RE: the 20th Anniversary and SC6

    Expect this to be long and rambly, it is mostly wild speculation but I thought I'd throw it into the ring. So as we know all we've been getting regarding Soul Calibur 6 up until this point is essentially a bunch of teasing with no real substance. We also know that Namco have paid attention to...