soul calibur 2

  1. Beeb

    Converting Heihachi and spawns movesets to the Gamecube version of soul calibur 2

    Me and a few others have been trying to convert Heihachi's moveset to the gamecube version of soul calibur 2 but we've run into a hurdle we just can't pass. between version's of sc2 the endian is different, the motion data of characters is big endian in the gamecube version and little endian in...
  2. Jason LivesVI

    Still playing Soul Calibur 2 HD Online ?

    New here. Hope this is the correct place to post this. Just started playing again, waiting for SCVI and wondering if Anyone wants to play SC2 I'm the mean time ? My XBL gamertag is Jason LivesVI if u wanna play plz message me. Thanks
  3. Jason LivesVI

    Hello mates, let's play ! SC2

    New to this forum. Looking for people to play with on XBL Soul Calibir 2. My gamertag is Jason LivesVI send me a message and let's play.
  4. C

    Dark Link texture for Dolphin

    Took a little time to get it right and figure out everything, but I made this about a week ago. Thought you guys might enjoy it. download:!Q6BXQDSB!QtoKpkM-bzWq7iLnDblLul6uYxi6qg5XHHvDxDGJ2j0
  5. S

    Necrid's Frame Data

    Necrid's Frame Data Writen by SilentWall Version 0.1 Reminds: All moves are tested in 0 range in SC2 US Gamecube version. In theory, a lot of moves can get +1 to +2 more advantage on the top of it that depends on the range and situation. For instance, a move with "H+2 B-6" can get +1 in far...
  6. S

    Some SC2 features:

    Hi, I'm going to complement some stuff that most SC2 players missed. I hope it will help some new SC2 players to understand it.