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  1. F

    FreeMeal's SoulCalibur 6 Creations (with some SC5, perhaps)

    So, I want to make a thread where I actually post things, instead of just complain. Since I usually do re-creations (often requests), if, for he time being, that SC5 would be better suited for it, then I may opt for that, instead. BUT, I will prioritize SC6 and make a good, honest effort with it...
  2. Jotamide

    2B gameplay reveal VOD from Dengeki PlayStation Live

    Timestamps from Voleno on Youtube: Stage Showcase - 15:37 Customization with 2B - 23:45 2B Battle Showcase - 41:23 Reversal Edge - 47:31 Second Critical Edge - 50:00 Okubo vs Yoko Taro - 57:05
  3. RudderbuttCos

    Character Select Prediction

    I made a prediction for what we could see for the remaining DLC characters in a paint program. Please note that this is what I'm expecting the two Soulcalibur characters will be, the final result may be different from who I think will make it in the game. Who do you think the two Soulcalibur...