[09] Warrior
I made a prediction for what we could see for the remaining DLC characters in a paint program. Please note that this is what I'm expecting the two Soulcalibur characters will be, the final result may be different from who I think will make it in the game. Who do you think the two Soulcalibur characters will be? Already know that 2B is the next guest character :) Lastly, the lizard is one of my original creations :3

SOULCALIBUR VI Character Select Prediction.jpg
I'm thinking the same thing as well, except that I'm expecting Aeon to be added in either this or the next Season Pass. =)
Guess we'll find out when another character reveal will happen; I'm also awaiting an announcement for Customization/Armor Packs

I'm guessing you found 2B in my image? She was in the center above Geralt.