1. RudderbuttCos

    Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny Creations

    Hiyas, I found a PSP emulator and the Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny game and was able to save screenshots of my creations from the game (wish I could do this with Soulcalibur III and IV) :D So here are my creations for Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny :) Please note that since this is a PSP title...
  2. Salphii Wall

    [Montreal, QC, Canada] [ENG/FR] [Active] Soul Island, It Ain't Safe. MTLSC: (SCV & SCII)

    Welcome to the OFFICIAL 8WayRun Montreal Thread! Due to me being very active on the SoulCalibur side and the 1st Montreal thread having to much dead accounts(Update the new venue also is needed), it's a must do! This thread will be mainly for information & ask\respond to any question posted...
  3. E4Ducky

    Global Colosseo: Hype-Train To SCVI

    I ended up getting SCV in 2013 and was pretty meh at the series until then. I never had the competence to play online, so I never did. Community isn't too lively and collosseo is almost always empty--unless New York hits 15-20-% POINT OF THE THREAD: Let's establish a good gathering time and...
  4. Ooofmatic

    SoulCalibur III Arcade Edition HD ONLINE

    SCIII Arcade Edition is a more bare-boned version of the game than console, therefore easier to port. It is more balanced and glitch free. It has console bonus characters become a full fledged part of the main roster such as the dual nunchaku wielding Li Long, Hwang, and Amy. Not very many...
  5. Soulcaliburmaxi

    Hello everyone! Greeting from a fellow Sc Fan!

    Hello everyone! I'm new here! But I've been a lurker for quite some time on theses forums! Especially with the leaks and the new announcement. So I figured to make an account on here. Here's some stuff about me my real name is abbey Collins I'm from Detroit Michigan. I love to draw. So expect...
  6. Steven_a

    help jimbo get a ps4

    he needs one so he can play SFV with me $5 you get to talk to jimbo $10 you can become friends with jimbo on facebook $20 you get jimbos snapchat and instagram (juicy) $30 two recitations of a fanfiction theater by ur favorite memester Jimbo $50+ Jimbo will make a song for...
  7. Arsu_Bhai

    When will SC6 be announced?

    Well we know a new Soul Calibur project is in the works and it's probably going to be Soul Calibur 6. But WHEN is this new project going to be announced? My guess is that it will be revealed a few days before TGS and then later a gameplay demo will be revealed at TGS. I also feel like it's going...
  8. JaseyJasee

    Project Soul - New Announcement Coming Soon!

    (I can't post in the News Thread so I am putting this here). Project Soul have confirmed on their Facebook that there will be a new announcement about upcoming games in the Soul series soon! Check out these screenshots I grabbed from them! Exciting news at last!!!!