50/50 Lethal Hits from guard impacts are ridiculously annoying


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Looking at Kilik, Xianghua, Sophitia, Cervantes, and to a certain extent, Cassandra and Amy. Mostly the first three are problematic.

I use both Kilik (main) and Xianghua and I find it very cheap whenever I land it, it's even worse on the receiving end. Your opponent has the option to either do a GI or RE just to avoid a chunky LH combo, but if you do a Break Attack they then eat a stronger LH combo from it. The reward is too big and the risk is so small. The Xianghua/Kilik player only risks what, another GI and a RE clash that's another rock paper scissors situation? It's not like these characters are weak af to begin with, that 50/50 mind game is just another incentive to their strengths.

I know in high levels like EVO throwing GIs and REs isn't that common anymore but up to the B ranks? It feels so exploitable. Wins aren't so satisfying tbh when my opponents lose because they kept guessing wrong. At least let the risk be greater for those characters, but I can't think of a solution for it. Or is there actually a workaround to this other than "don't get GI'd"? I thought the introduction of Reverse Impacts would be a proper solution to this but its window is too short and doing it earlier will still result to you eating another Lehal Hit from their break attacks.

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yes strategically I use more level 3 strong moves against them so that even if I get GI'd I can still just guard (and X and Kilik players are usually can afford to trade soul gauge).

Just need to be aware when they're switching play styles when they attack at disadvantage (online it becomes attack at major disadvantage) then mix it up with GI bait.


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Good post, thanks! A more patient, defensive playstyle with heavier attacks would be a nice solution to that.