6A+B Punishment Thread "SCV Edition"


[09] Warrior
Cervantes is done.

Question: Is BE 6A+B a frame or two faster than 6A+B? I think it might be.

Cervy's 44B can't be punished with 6A+B, but it can be with BE.

If this has already been said, then my bad!


[08] Mercenary
6A+B BE is the same speed, but it also has a much larger hitbox so that may have something to do with it if pushback is an issue.


[09] Warrior
Nightmare is done.

I'll also double check to see if anything has changed with Lexia and Natsu since some of their moves may have had their frames tweaked.


[09] Warrior

Before the patch came out, I remember that you could punish NM's crouch throws with 6A+B. Could you confirm?


[10] Knight
4A+B is similar damage for no meter and a slightly more reliable TC. I usually just 6A+B everything (really, everything.) though.


[09] Warrior
Ivy is done.

I hope to finish all the characters before EVO so we'll be ready.

I don't have classes until August, so I should finish in time.