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  • Hi there! Just dropping in to remind/pester you about voting and supporting SCV in the Fall Classic poll by oneframelink! Simply retweet this message https://tinyurl.com/SUPPORTSCV and you're done! If you do not have a twitter please take five minutes of your day to make one! You don't even need to bother with account again afterwards! If you have already voted, then thank you!!
    Hey wsup, this is TJ. Met u at Norcal Regionals.
    Was trying to find the soul calibur group you were telling me about
    Hey so if you're free this wednesday, you're welcome to come over.
    what was your number again? what time do you think you'll be here?
    The Video i had of us fighting at krayzies place is corrupted. I really wanted to recap on it too. :[ I would have sent it to you by now but its not working so i deleted it. Sucks, we can make another next time were there though.
    sent friend req to play online tourny match. i'm pst. how bout 9pm if not sooner. i'll be on at 9pm to check to see if you are there.
    Good games last night. by round 40 something, my brain just stopped working. Hopefully you wont be away from SD for too long and we can do that shit again. Thanx for the other stuff to by the way!!

    yeah, sorry I haven't got back to you quicker. did you want to come over in the next couple of days? I don't have a car and I don't trust myself skateboarding with an xbox in my hands, but I might have a freind who will want to play also and he has a car. if thats's okay?
    always down for some offline, just let me know when and where. i'm located right next to the harbor off 7th ave, but i can make it pretty much anywhere around town on my skateboard.
    good offline games... wish I could get some good offline Street fighter games going as well. I might not be all that great yet but if I put in any kind of effort I'm certain I'll get better than I am right now (I'm not sure how much of the noob factor is from lag online and how much is just from getting beaten by jumping noobs..lol)... I guess its kinda like setsuka's low... its just SUCH a bad choice...that sometimes it can trick you up when you least expect it lol.

    I thought I did decently considering the 2 weeks off... I think I ended with more wins with yoshi again though...even with my many many messed up combos..lol.

    hope to get some in again sometime (and next time I'll make sure to check that some friend hasn't left my fucking game out of the box..lol)
    baah... stupid hilde users..lol. 8A+B with yoshi is killer if you get predictable with her charge moves though...offline you don't even have time to step fast enough... ggs and I'll try and get some more offline with you in 2 weeks or so (after break cuz I won't be in SC during that time
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