8WAYRUN Members Picture Thread


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old picture .

recent haircut . . . dried lips FTW .

AND THIS . . . just gonna leave this here . rofl .



[14] Master
Photos I took of the guys from EBO 2011! ^_^
The photos are taken on an ancient camera phone, so the quality is sadly lacking, sowwy =/

Doctor Gore:

Me and Neo4life:

Me and Sacharja: (you don't fuck with the Sieg players =P)

Me and Kalas:

Me, Pantocrator and Sacharja

Kalas (With dry hair this time XD)

Pantocrator and Keev, in the ultimate in cliche fights! Who will win?!

Nounous looking seductive and Furzy planning his next iMCF:

Juss me:

Me and Juss me:

Freakysound and Docvizzo, bringing sexy back:

One of Docvizzo's smexy boots <3

Pantocrator, me and Keev - I'm starstruck!

Malek and Ring - no school like the oldschool, Malek!

Hyrule and Freakysound:

Hyrule and me, reppin' the UK!

Docvizzo, as suave as ever:

Aaaaand finally... Me and the Ring:


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Yup, Kayane <3's me.

Kayane isn't my girlfriend... yet.

i am jelly that you got a kiss from kayane . . . were her lips touching ? HAHAHAH .

EDIT : adding in what i am salty and QQ'ing about for the day

. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ !


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Lmao, yo that's exactly what my bro said when he saw the pic, that I was tryin' to go super saiyan. He said he better not get a hold of the pic cause he's gonna go in and edit my fro gold.