A+K and force flips


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So I've been messing around with this guy and have wonderered situations where you guys force flip or levitate to dodge an attack. Astaroth's 66a,b can be 4A+K'ed and then do a back grab at max range. Algols 3 part string...623 A,B,K I think it is? After blocking the first hit you can levitate immediatly after and get a LV A,A,B,B in and you wont take any damage. Any other situations you guys know?


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You can use it to dodge Amys/Raphaels/Schererizades 4A+B, or any other Red Flashy UltimateMove that goes in a straight line (like Cervs 6A+K)
Edit: Forgot to mention that it only dodges 100% of the time if you time correctly AND not just a simple up manuever. I mean when he actually flips. If you just use Force Leviatation to raise him into the air for other comboes like A+K,A,A,A+B. (im not saying use them, just trying to explain the actualy Force Levitation i'm describing.. I suck at describing things.. lol), there is no guarantee you're actually going to evade the attack unless you do A+K, B+K to initiate Force Levitation Mid-Air Force Lightning. Although technically that isnt dodging.


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They can be used but not that much. They need to be timed right so your opponent cannot turn around a hit you will you are landing.