Aeon Punishment List & Discussion


Soul Calibur V
Ok I don't feel like making a list but I'll try to help out a bit.

Since Patroklos's 3B is -18 on block you got better punishes than that:
- 1B$ at close range
- 6K at max range


[09] Warrior
Ah yeah, I'd just quickly looked at the guide to see what it was last night (according to guide it's -16), but I shoulda figured it could be wrong especially with the patch, and still just tested what I could have anyways.

So once I get more I'll just post a list of whatever new I've got and you can copy/paste it into the first posts then? (and I could probably edit it out of my posts once you've copied it).


[10] Knight
Please paste it in the new post and I'll copy it to the Patroklos' section :).

BTW: I actually am not 100% sure if his 3B is -18, I only checked his SA.


[09] Warrior
Actually I think the guide is right for this instance and it's -16, as 1B, 6K (i18) and 6A (i17) don't punish it. I'll try to be more thorough though in the future.


[09] Warrior
Against Pyrrha

236B : use 4A, 1B BE.
3B : 2B, 3K at close range.
66K : 6BB (BE) if you react very fast, AA is more reliable.
CE : 3B
1A : WSB
1AA: 3B
66B BE : JG 66K, 6BB BE
236AA BE : JG 3B
4AAA BE : Jump last hit with 9B
4AB : 4B
1K : 6BB (BE) if you react fast

If you manage to JG 66A, 3B, 66B, everything is punishable by 3B

Against Tira

GS 3B : AA
GS 4BBB : 66K
GS 3AA : duck last hit, WSB
1A : AA
236K : WSB
JS 66B BE: JG 6BB (BE)
JS 6AB : step or 66K, 6BB BE
JS 11B : 2A
4B+KB : step second hit, 3B


[09] Warrior
Ok, Patroklos.

NOTE: Most things that are -16 are a little odd when it comes to range. In close range, 6BB/BE and 66K work, then there's a range where those will whiff and 3A and 3K will work, then at very tip distance they can block 3A but not 3K usually.

1A (-17)
6B BE or 2B

6BB (-13)

6BBB (-16)
6BB or 6B BE or 66K

3K (-16)
6BB or 6B BE or 66K (range may make it unpunishable or only by 4B/K)

2K/FC 2K/BT 2K (-14)

1K (-18)
66K or 6B BE or WR AB or 6K from max distance

2A+B (-22)
WR B or 66A from max distance (note, for WR B combo to work run forward a tad before BT B+K)

8A+B (-13)
A (close range only)

B+K (-14)
4B (close range)

WR K (-18)
1B BE or 66K or 4A

WR KA (-15, guide says 16)
6BB or 6B BE

WR A+B (-15)
6BB or 6B BE

11_77 B (-14)
4B or K or A

66_33_99 K (-16)
3A, 3K from max distance, 66K from close range, 6B BE only on 33_99 version

11_77 K (-16)
6B BE or 66K or FC 2K from max distance

44K (-16)
6B BE or 66K or 3K from max distance

Running K (-22)
WR B or 6B BE

JS (236) A (-16)
6BB or 6B BE or 66K

JS AB (-16)
6BB or 6B BE or 66K

JS B/JS:B (-20)
3B or 1B BE

JS K (-18)
1B BE or 66K or 4A

CE (-20)

Also, I tried wrB punishing Tira's Jolly 6AB but it doesn't seem like it's THAT punishable.


[10] Knight
Chrysis01, I'm not sure about your list so I'll run a double-check on it tomorrow and post it then.

krazySyko, your list is already up. Thanks again for your contribution.


[10] Knight
Updated with Pyrrha's punishment. I've included attacks with + on block for the general anti-character knowledge.
Hope you'll like it.


[10] Knight
Ivy added. Let me know if you find any errors. I've forgotten to check punishing with CE...

I think I'll add characers' images later to make it look nicer.


Lay still now
22_88[ B ],B,B,B,B,B (-16)
6B BE or 66K; can be interrupted after the 1st attack with i13 moves (i14 trade) so you can either CH A,A or CH 4B (into a combo) but watch out because Ivy is at -6 after the 1st attack and she can duck if doesn't do the follow-up
A few corrections:

22_88B is -6
22_88(B) is -16
22_88(B), B: B: B: B: B is +12


[09] Warrior
I'll get back to working on this in the next few weeks. Been playing the new Warriors game and been a little more busy with school and other things.


Soul Calibur V
I'm interested in working on this but I can't post in the punishment thread. So I post my analysis here and you transfer it there?


[09] Warrior
I'm assuming that's correct, posting all the stuff here then it gets pasted over into the locked thread. I also owe everyone some work on this since I still didn't get back to it, just haven't been playing the game. I'll start some Cervy punishments this week.


[14] Master
Versus Cervantes:
  • aB - 66K punish (42 damage, forward RO, close range), CE (72 damage, mid range)
  • 3A - 4B punish
  • 1AB - 66B ~ SW K punish (68 damage), 1B BE > 44BAA (86 damage, reverse RO), 1B BE > 4B+KG (87 damage, reverse RO)
  • 4aBB/4aB - 66K (42 damage, forward RO), 6B BE (65 damage, reverse RO), CE (72 damage)
  • WR A - 4B (16 damage), AA (24 damage), CE (72 damage)
  • WR AB - 4B (16 damage)
  • BBB - 66K (42 damage, forward RO), WR AB, 6B BE (65 damage, reverse RO), CE (72 damage)
  • bA - 4B > 66K (60 damage, forward RO, close range), CE (72 damage)
  • 6BB - step second hit to Cerv's right.
  • 3B - AA (24 damage, close range only)
  • 1B - AA (24 damage)
  • 6K - 66K (42 damage, forward RO, close range only)
  • 2K - FC A (10 damage)
  • 1K - WR B (reverse RO, damage depends on if the combo feels like working or not), WR AB (42 damage)
  • 3A+B - 66K (42 damage, forward RO), 6B BE (65 damage, reverse RO), CE (72 damage)
  • 4A+B - 3B > 66K (71 damage), 3B > CE (107 damage)
  • 6B+K - duck, punish whiff with WR AB or WR B. You can also go for WR K counterhit if you expect him to try a setup into iGDR or CE
  • 2B+K/2(B+K) - WR AB (42 damage)
  • 1B+K - Just Guard for 66B > SW K punish (-23)
  • 4B+K - AA (close range), 4B (mid range), CE (mid range)
  • 9B+K/9(B+K) - 2A, 4B, CE
  • WR B+K - 6(K) (66 damage)
  • 22AA - 4B, CE
  • 66B - CE
  • 33B - step or JG for 3B > 66K punish
  • 11B - 3B > 66K, 1B BE > 44BAA
  • 44B - 66K, CE (close range only)
  • Run K - WR B, WR AB, 66K
  • 6B BE - 66K, 6B BE, CE
  • 22A BE - step 2nd hit, 3B punish
  • WR A+B BE - step after 6th hit to Cerv's right, 3B punish
  • DC A - duck/JG for 66B punish
  • DC B - 66K, 6B BE, CE
  • iGDR - 3B > 66K, 3B > CE
  • DC K - WR B, WR AB
  • DC B+K - step for 3B punish
If someone wants to put that into a more readable format, be my guest.