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Your customs are simple, but with a bit more detail they'll captivate people more.

Your Xianghua has a good base. Stereotypical classy kung fu girl in red and gold, but add a bit more. You don't need to put a piano on her, but emphasize how elegant she is. I have a good feeling about this one...since oriental stuff is my favorite.

Iruka looks like something Yoshimitsu fights in Japan, but the fighting style doesn't suit her. If she's mechanical, I'd go with Voldo. Odd choice, but again she's creepy oriental grudge mechanical puppet in my opinion. Cervantes just feels awkward on her.

Your Lynette is cute, but then again she's always cute.

Your Ivys make me curious. One is a huntress while the other a concubine. Alas, they look the same and I can't differentiate the two.

Keep on sharing though.


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Thank you @Pocky-Yoshi . I particularly like simple things and now that I'm learning how to use stickers and special items, I've never been to venture into CaS.

I wanted to do something more like its 2P in SC I, but it would look pretty simple, so I added her socks and gloves similar to what she wears in SC II.

I'm waiting for Setsuka.

I had already posted on a specific thread, They are very very very similar except for the gloves, undergarments, boots, don't forget that the first one has eye-patch + shoulder pads.

The concubine was thinking about what Ivy would use if Cervantes were a more parental father. The second was doing something that reminded me her 2P in SC IV.
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Abelia Schillfelt
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Bonus characters created in Soul Calibur III for the Chronicles of The Swords.
Weapon: Fire Blade (Soul of Cassandra)