Apprentice Allowed?


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I love using The Apprentice however there are a number of tournaments across the globe who choose to ban him. France if I remember correctly do this.

I want to settle on Apprentice as my main however learning a character that is sometimes not allowed does not seem logical.

I was wondering what your thoughts on the subject were.


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If you want to play this game competitive, learn a char that is not banned in most of the tourneys, remember there wont be a apprentice in SC5 :P

However there is soon a tournament in the UK where he is allowed....

If you just wanna have some fun online, do whatever you like...or ask the UK scene if he is allowed in most of the meetings/tournaments...since i think you you are not going to travel to France in SC4 anymore, te UK scene should be the important one for you.


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Yeah man, I'm already a Neoempire member with like 4,500 posts, SvB was the reason I was asking. They are allowing Apprentice and I wanted to use him for the event but he's banned everywhere else so there's not much point.

I'll just go back to Setsuka.



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The Apprentice is only banned in France as far as we know. All US tourneys allow everyone who isn't in the bonus slot or Hilde/Algol.

Apprentice needs more people representing him at high level, so go ahead.


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As an App mainer i know that the reason i enjoy App is because he is SCIV exclusive, but that's whack IMO. I wish i could represent him, but offline is probably never possible for me until i move out. :D


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The reason why he is banned in France, along with Algol, Darth Vader, Yoda, Scehereizade, Angol Fear, Kamikirmus, Ashlotte, and Shura are because they are not canon to the story. >.> Don't ask why Algol is included. I have yet to understand their logic in saying Algol is not canon.


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I specifically didn't learn Algol for this very reason. I'd say main a character that will always be allowed and maybe build Apprentice as an alt.