Assassin General Discussion/Q&A Thread


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Well from what I learned from Aris' tutorial and using some logic when advance and retreat guarding the amount of pushback is lessen depending on the characters weight and Asta is pretty heavy so is the generic one. I'm just using game system and basic logic. Relax brother.

And what 8 frame move is he going to punish with? His throws are breakable.


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I mean what makes him Good at all? Other than the stuff listed above

The stuff listed above you is about one of the very best strings to appear in any soul calibur ever. I don't know what else to tell you. It's a horizontal, unseeable, + on hit, three hit CH fishing low string whose second hit is a high (and therefore, cuts off one of the best defenses in SC2 - Jumping) that your opponent has to spend time practicing by themselves to deal with properly. What else do you want? D:


[10] Knight
Good point and yeah his throws are breakable, but you gotta guess this ain't tekken where it tells you how to break throw base on a character's arms.

Or you could take the guaranteed damage from crouching under the second A hit, yknow whichever.

If you don't block the 3a, the second A will hit. If you DO block it, bullrush that shit, son. Or worse.

This character is fuckin boss though, I'll be using him in some matches for sure.


[14] Master
The fuck do you unlock this guy?
To unlock Assassin, you must already have weapon master mode completed once. In chapter 8, complete the stage "Crystal Mine", in both the extra and normal missions. This will open up a path to sub-chapter 3. The second mission in sub-chapter 3 is called "Castle Of The Damned". Since you hav already completed the game once, you will have an extra mission for "Castle Of The Damned", in which your opponents are faster. You must defeat the enemies, who are (in this order): Voldo, Ivy, Yoshimitsu, Taki, and Assassin. Complete the level to unlock Assassin. He is available in all two player modes except for arcade and extra arcade. He is also available in practice and extra practice modes.


Valide Kösem Sultan
Yay Hwang's back :P
He's pretty interesting,I think id use him often if he's fast atleast.
Character wise,he has like all the characteristics that i'm looking for in a male character...well almost.


[10] Knight
I think Assassin has farther range on his Yunsung's and X's moves. Is his throw range better than Yunsung too?
I just feel that when I play with him. Am I wrong? Maybe the frame data of those moves different?


Valide Kösem Sultan
Can we get Assassin's movelist on here already?
From GameFAQs:
COMMAND Attack Level Damage Notes
A,A,B H H M 14, 18, 21 crumple, can delay 3rd hit
A,A,K,K H H H M 14, 18, 16, 24 crumple, can delay 3rd hit
a~K,B M M L 15, 15, 28 collapse
a~K,K M M M 15, 18, 25
6A H 23
66A H 30 knock down (back)
3A,A,B L H M 22, 15, 46
2A L 13
4A H 37
44A M 26

B,B M M 18, 21
B,K(G) M H 18, 21 G to cancel
B,K,G M 18 recover in crouching
B6 H 27
b~K M M 23, 34 crumple
9B M 43 knock down (back) + collapse
6B,A H M 29, 20
6B,B H L 29, 27
66B,B M M 22, 35
66B,4B_ M M 22, 37~50 is GB(GC), knock down (back)
3B M 43 launch
2B,B M H 18, 27
44B(G) M 40 knock down (back), G to cancel

K H 12
6K,K H M 16, 27
66K,K,K M M H 20, 24, 49 2_8 during/after 2nd kick for side hop
1K,A,B(G) L H M 14, 21, 27 knock down (back), G to cancel
1K,K,B(G) L L M 14, 22, 27 knock down (back), G to cancel
4K H 27 turnaway (to their left)
44K,K H L 43, 16
2K L sweep
2KK M fake out - crumple

A+B M M 35, 29
6A+B M M 15, 26 auto-GI verticals & H horizontals
66A+B M 45 launch
A+K H H 24, 24 knock down (their right)
2A+K SM L 25, 20 sweep
B+K M 25
3B+K M 28 auto-GI verticals, G to cancel
1_2_3 B+K M 32 collapse
44B+K M 78 Unblockable (UB), collapse, G to cancel

B M 28
b~A L 28 low fall
A,B M M 30, 38 guard break (GB), bounce (launch)
K M 24
A+B M 40

B,B M M 18, 27
A SM 15
B M 18
K L 12
b~A L 28
A+B M 40

A H 22
B M 30
K H 16

A L 15
B M 23
K L 14

[6]A H 30
[6]B,B M M 27, 35
[6]B,4B M M 22, 37
[6]K til run L 28 "generic slide", sweep
[3]_[9]A,B H M 26, 35 airlift
[3]_[9]A, guard break (GB), 1st hit crumples
[3]_[9]B,B M M 30, 24 (Need to retest this, doesn't look right)
[3]_[9]K M M 26, 26
[1]_[2]_[3]B+K M 25
[7]_[8]_[9]B+K M 25

[1]_[7]A L 39
[1]_[7]B L 35
[1]_[7]K L 27 sweep if close
[2]_[8]A,B(G) H H M 15, 18, ?? knock down (back), G to cancel
[2]_[8]K H 30
[2]_[8]B M 35
[4]A M 26
[4]B+K(G) M 100+??? Unblockable, G to cancel
[4]K,K H L 43, 16
[4]A+B M 47

JUMP (while rising)
A H 28 turnaway
B M 26
K M 30 collapse

JUMP (while falling)
A L 27
B M 30
K L 25
Position Damage Notes
A+G front 55
B+G front 60
A+G or B+G at left side 65
A+G or B+G at right side 70
A+G or B+G at back side 80


Valide Kösem Sultan
That sucks..
Anyways,after using him for a while,i'd say he's a mix of Hwang,Yun-Seong and Xianghua.


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Assassin Soul Arena completed. If you have any questions or suggestions about the layout of the SA, please feel free to PM me.


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what does assassin's 3B+K impact? i know it hits verticals since i used it against ivy's 214B, but i haven't tried it against horizontals or kicks yet.