[12] Conqueror
The soundtrack made the big impact on 'atmosphere,' I think. I remembered them instantly when I listened to them again. My personal favourites are 'The Wind and Clouds' (Mitsurugi's Theme) and 'Dragon's Call' (Li Long's theme) in the original soundtrack. In the Khan version, it would be 'An Oath to the Sword' (Character Select) and 'Edge of Soul' (Intro). You can switch from the two soundtracks in game ^^


[13] Hero
It seems Daishi wanted to call Soul Calibur V "Soul Edge 2", which would have been perfect, especially since Critical Edge has returned. Personally, I feel they can go that route with the visuals that they have now. It just takes some time, effort, and some research.

I would also like to see Soul Calibur V's opening the same style as Soul Edge/Blade's opening. Arguably the best opening of the entire series. Even Soul Calibur 1's doesn't top that.