Huh I dont really get the question? Its a fun game and its plays well so yes I like it alot


[09] Warrior
I dunno, like the opening cinematic set a better feel than what the other games tries to convey.

I just wanted to break the ice.


[08] Mercenary
This game really did set a really awesome atmosphere, one which no other game could really convay to me. The opening cinematic was amazing at it's time, and I still have the urge to watch it time and time again. I have the opening's theme song on my ipod too :D


[09] Warrior
I think that it inarguably had the best opening of any SC and the ending cinematic were actually worth playing arcade to get to. Also Cervantes stage music was epic


[09] Warrior
For its time, this game was and is still impressive... I really wish that Namco brought back weapon loss abilities (when guarding too much in Soul Blade, you would lose your weapon, forcing the player to fight with thier hands and feet) instead of the Soul Gauge for SCIV. I wondered how certain characters would fight weaponless (for example, Astaroth and Rock would use wrestling moves, Voldo would grope his opponent till their life bar depletes completely, Vader and Starkiller would just use Force moves, etc).


If this game hadn't come out on the dreamcast but the ps, imagine how big our community would be right now.


[09] Warrior
weapon loss ability was great imho.. very funny to play w/
and btw best opening EVER, just epic

SCIV takes back the SB soul gauge concept, actually different, but that is great..
the fact of taking good things from old SCs makes me wonder for the next chapters.
i think SCV should take back the RO w/out water, precipice, flames.. there should be also stages w/ normal ground, slightly below the ring.. like in SB.. i liked it


[08] Mercenary
The background changed from day to dusk to night then back again.Sometimes during the night phase you could see a shooting star.Also Li Long was and still is way colder than Maxi.And Mitsurugi doesn't have to get shot.Favorite songs Yellow Sands and Moonlit Shadows.


[12] Conqueror
You're right. This "feeling" is gone in SC4. What you call feeling is the soul of the game. In last 5 yaers or something, games started to lost theirs soul because they lost their real purpose. All SC games except SC4 was great cuz their common goal was to be best fighting game, not just by gameplay, also with its art. SC4 was kinda forget about art and focused more on "money". That's why they put StarWars characters as guests.


[12] Conqueror
2009 man. And Soul Calibur wasn't released on the playstation. It was ported from the arcades to the dreamcast, and later released on XBLA.
I think you are takling about that Xbox arcade game, it was only released for x360.