Battle Arena Melbourne, SC4 Australian Nationals: 2nd & 3rd of October


[10] Knight
Announcing the Australian National Tournament held at the Battle Arena Melbourne event in Melbourne Australia. The full address for this event will be CQ,123 Queen Street, Melbourne Australia.

Soul Calibur IV Singles
Tournament Rules
Format: 2/3 Games, 3/5 Rounds, Double Elimination, 60 seconds, 100% Health/Soul Gauge, Seeded by tournament placings
Console: Playstation 3
Rules: Character to be declared at start of tournament (mainly applies to old timers). Character is then locked throughout the tournament. No character switch is then allowed.
Bonus Characters Banned, CAS (Create a soul) Characters Banned. All others (including Star Wars Characters) Legal.
Random Stage Selection for first match of set, Loser's Choice for new RANDOM stage by request.
All stages are currently legal for tournament play
Custom outfits allowed (must be done prior to the tournament)
Button Sequence Macroing is banned as are all turbo buttons (Players found using these, instantly lose the match) (Binding still legal)
Player controlled pausing may result in forfeiture of that specific round (unless prior warning is given, should this occur, the pause will occur in the next round for a maximum timelimit of 30 secs or forfeiture of round will occur).
Controlled Soft Reset will result in forfeiture of the entire match.

Entry Fee
$5 per person

The prize pool for Soul Calibur IV will consist of a share of the cash entry fees for each tournament entrant.
1st Place - 70% and Trophy
2nd Place - 30%.

+ an extra $5-10 dollars per entrant from our sponsor.

The organisers for Soul Calibur IV are Engared

Get your game faces on and get hyped! Please RSVP here so we can make arrangements for you to stay. If you require a place to crash or stay, many of us will be glad to provide you with lodgings. Hope to see you there!


[09] Warrior
I wish I could go. I'm in the middle of my Masters right now, so it's difficult for me to leave at the moment (it's also why I haven't been on 8wr for a long time). Plus, I just blew my budget on a new PS3 because my old one YLOD on me. It's NZ$315 just to fix it and a new one costs about twice as much and comes with Move and one year gaurantee....

But the most important reason is that i'm out of practice -_- and 2 weekends are not enough for me to feel confident in entering.

Thanks for the invite tho. i'm sure you'll have more fun there than i would here...
Sorry! and please say hi to everyone for me!!


[09] Warrior
"•Engared + 1 guest - Mystery Guest"
Oh sneaky.

Do we have recording equipment? By that I mean like not handheld cameras. That'd be awesome if we did.


[10] Knight
I have a recording device. Ill test it on Saturday so we can record every game on Sunday.