bonus characters


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Were bonus characters banned? I don't really see why they would be, but I heard they were.

Also, how good were these characters in comparison to the rest of the cast? I heard the lance dude was broke-ass, while some of the other ones were trash.

curious because I was thinking about buying this game.


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No, they weren't. Some of them (Hwang, Lynette, Valeria) WERE way better then the other bonus characters though. None of them were top tier really, and Lance Dude (Girardot) was actually one of the worst. As someone that tried (and failed miserably) to win a tourney with Girardot, I can atest to how bad he was. He might have actually been the worst character in the game.

Most of the bonus characters were just unfinished gimmicks. They dealt shit for damage and had terrible frame data.

They WERE banned when the game first came out though, as was Abyss. That was a little silly.


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I would put Hwang and Lynette in A tier, but A tier is like 10 characters or something so yeah. Still not as good as X though.

I think bonus characters and abyss were banned, unbanned, then banned again, or something silly like that.


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I'm working on the SC3 frames (NTSC) and found something interesting with Abelia. If she does her A+B and you GI her next attack she does this special parry animation that leaves her at +1. It only works for the next attack she does. So if she does say K then another K that gets GIed she'll get GIed normally. WTF Namco lol.


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I tried some of the bonus characters. For the most part, they sucked. Iron sword (or strife) was OK at best, but still nowhere near siegfried or nightmare's level. I even played hualin for awhile, thinking that she had potential because she had a weird and unpredictable style. The truth is, she sucked. She was slow, did little damage, and was very punishable on almost everything. I think that Amy was the only bonus character worth mentioning, which is probably why she's the only one left in the bonus list that made it to sc4. Other than that, i didn't think any of the bonus chars were any good. Recently, i saw a video showing just how badass Lynette was. Relentless combos, great mixups, good speed, and pretty damn safe to boot. I also heard people saying that Abelia was a beast as well, up to par with the 2 sisters.


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I've seen some skilled Lynette users and some even more impressive Valera users. I was pretty good with Miser, myself, though I can admit her style was a little over the top throwing that shuriken and all. From what I've seen on YouTube, Abelia, Valera, Lynette, and Luna all seem to be close to the main roster in ability. But some others, like Girardot and Demuth where horrible IMO. Never seen people really use those two.

But hey, Amy made it in SC IV as a main character so she might be good. Didn't really use her and haven't seen many videos of her. :\


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I remember hearing something about the female custom characters with Wave Sword having some cheap glitchy combos, due to the hitbox difference caused by their size, but I don't know specifically what they are. Strife/Iron Sword was extremely good; IIRC a Strife player was top placer at a major tourney(FR?), and lost against RTD because he ringed himself out. Valeria/Grieve Edge, Lynette/Tambourine, and Amy/Rapier were decent if you knew what you were doing. So were Hwang and Li-Long. Miser/Katana & Shuriken and Arthur/Katana were fun to play with, but not particularly good. Giradot was the worst character in the game, no question.


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i remember when i saw amy for the first time as a bonus character i was like aww she awesome. i wanted to play her but i remember i wanted her to be a main character in the game lol and my wish had come true on IV but i was a bit sad she left from V. I do love her white outfit though ^_^ its cute ;)


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Back when bonus characters were allowed I mained Revenant and even won a Nationals qualifier tournament with him.

Then SC3AE came out, had no bonus character outside if Hwang, Li Long and Amy, and the community decided to ban console bonuses in accordance with that... so I had to drop good ol' Revy.