Can I kill you now...please?? Tira! :D SCV

Discussion in 'Tira' started by Luff_The_Talim2, Jan 11, 2011.

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  1. Luff_The_Talim2

    Luff_The_Talim2 [09] Warrior

    Hey! Why is this thread just now being made? I'm sure we all have fun stuff we think would make the lovely Tira more fun! :D

    I personally think the only thing Tira needs is her 3k to be a stun again. That move was like... amazing!

    Let's here your comments!
  2. Luff_The_Talim2

    Luff_The_Talim2 [09] Warrior

    Oh and Gloomy AND Jolly need 3kA
  3. Luff_The_Talim2

    Luff_The_Talim2 [09] Warrior

    Oh I checked. I didnt see a thread about Tira in SCV in here. But Ssh! What do you tink should change about Tira for SC Opty?
  4. optymuss

    optymuss [12] Conqueror

    I think she needs a few changes. But in order to actually know what changes should be made, we need other perspectives on the other cast of SC because, as far as i know, we are all trying to get a balnced version of the cast. but yes i agree on 3kA in both JS and GSband 3K stunning like it did in SC3, but if there were too many similar moves in Jolly and gloomy, then she might as well be the regular SC3 tira (not having either jolly or gloomy), but this would be incorrect due to the storyline of SC. Maybe we can ask for some new moves to tira? I'm sure the producers would expect this. I would like A+B to be NC in JS and GS and be a few frames safer.

    GS and 3k stunning like it did in SC3, but 3k should only be in JS, and 3kA only in GS because:
    1. JS has very little Stun combo starters, and this would help her out alot in dmg and balancing her.
    2. JS and GS shouldnt be too similar. Imo it would be fun to have more different movesets in GS and JS, but of course my opinion doesnt matter.
    3. Overall having a more different moveset in each side than she did in SC4 would probably make her more difficult for her opponent, but it could also make it difficult for the player as well. I say it will make it difficult for the player because having a more opposing moveset would make it a little hard to adapt to her new "rules".​
  5. Luff_The_Talim2

    Luff_The_Talim2 [09] Warrior

  6. Luff_The_Talim2

    Luff_The_Talim2 [09] Warrior

    Hmm. Actually I was think about Tira yeserday. There's not much I would want to change. :( I love her too much now. Maybe just bring back outfit's like her SCIII outfits. They were amazing.
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  7. Fuzzieviking

    Fuzzieviking [13] Hero

    I love Tiras moveset already. 3k stunning in jolly though would be nice :) but my only complaints are, they should make more of her moves safe and they should take out her damaging to herself. She is too unsafe and her moves dont pack enough of a punch for her to be hurting herself. Make her safer and you can leave in the self damage.

    as for moves maybe a speed change between the three 8B+K moves and make it safe on cancel it would give her a decent way to get closer to people and they wouldnt be able to parry all three not matter which one you chose.
  8. sephalump

    sephalump Video games kill people

    4B:B:B. Fix it. Its WAY to unsafe to be a double JF that's NCC. I say make it 4BBB is unsafe and NCC, then 4B:B:B is like -11 and NC. More safety, better jolly combos, and make jolly side 1aK(I think) a consistant JF. Ivf they keep the self damage I say a life drain command throw.
  9. coroso4

    coroso4 [08] Mercenary

    I hope that Jolly Tira will have a few more unique moves. I've always preferred gloomy Tira because her moveset seems to have have so many more options. But who knows, they might opt for changing Tira around some more. In any case, I feel that the designers really have fun working with Tira, so I'm sure we will see some cool new things. Love Jennifer Hale as her voice actress btw
  10. Luff_The_Talim2

    Luff_The_Talim2 [09] Warrior

    Agreed! Jennifer Hale is freakkin awesome! :D Loved her in billy and Mandy!
  11. coroso4

    coroso4 [08] Mercenary

    And Female Commander Shepard in Mass Effect!!
  12. sephalump

    sephalump Video games kill people

    I have to agree with you on the unique moves. I seem to think of Jolly Tira more poke based than gloomy so I'd want to see more of those but still she needs some serious combo starters beyond what she has now.
  13. Jrasta111

    Jrasta111 [11] Champion

    One thing I notice is good Tira's are rare, probably because she's so erratic and taking the time to learn her is difficult. The one thing I will say is safety... All the good Tira's I play show me things in common, her combos can be heavy, but her unsafeness is beyond a joke.

    Especially as all her most powerful moves are gloomy and drain her health. She even needs to drain her health to change deliberately, which doesn't always pay off, that's just when I play her though ;]
  14. Seven7Swords

    Seven7Swords [09] Warrior

    Don't know if this was mentioned but I think Tira would be better if they got rid of the random element of turning Jolly/Angry.

    Not an expert at her so yeah...but it just seems sometimes it take two head bangs to go Gloomy, other times it takes four. Again, not really a Tira user, so don't know if it really bothers people who main her that her opponent can change her mood. It would bother me, though. :\
  15. Fuzzieviking

    Fuzzieviking [13] Hero

    Jennifer Hale is so win. She was the teacher in powerpuff girls as well they should keep her as tira she does an excellent job for sure
  16. VeronicaVirus

    VeronicaVirus [02] Apprentice

    no, her random "element of turning jolly/glommy" is wat make her a unique and fun character to play, however i wish they take off the self-damage excep her A+K
  17. mikosu

    mikosu Goderator of pink hearts

    Lol I'm here guys. Missed you all.

    As far as character design she's perfect but I want you all to realize that her design is very problematic. I'll start this by saying that dependence upon a random element in fighting games is terrible. I'll start with BD as the base point since it's technically the current game. Her damage is BD is spectacular. It fits her design. The self-damage is closest to being warranted in BD. I've made long posts about changes I'd like to see before but I'll spare you here.

    Everyone in this thread: 3K being a SHK would be nice but Tira's mixups aren't scary enough to warrant it. I say make it a STN. The move isn't fast. A JS 3kA would be great if JS 44K didn't cause a headache. It'd be around 60-70 dmg everytime you punished a -12 move!

    1. Frames that make sense. If she does huge damage it's ok to be unsafe but in SC4 she can not without GS-exclusive oki. I shouldn't be punished for guessing right. Ex. JS 2A is -14 on hit and the followup B doesn't allow for much damage even when they eat it on CH.

    2. If JS and GS are still around differentiate them more. Make their purposes more explicit. JS can be low damage and pokey. GS can be high damage and less mixupy.

    3. More stepkill. A+B could be the ultimate tool. The pushout at tip range is beautiful but it's still low reward for the risk. GS lacks reasonable stepkillers. There's always some risk with whatever you use, JS AND GS.

    4. I personally don't think she should have life-loss at all. If you were to take that away then lower the dmg GS does back to SC4. BD's would be way too high.

    5. Bring back SC3's Hovering Lark (HL) stance. It was perfect. I'd like to play around with the stance-based Tira they made in SC3:AE but if I can't be greedy then just HL is fine.

    6. Some sort of indicator of the chance to change moods or a manual change command. That alone would fix one of her most annoying issues: inconsistency.

    7. Range. Anyone educated about Tira at all knows she lacks this bigtime. If she could get some reasonably ranged moves that fit her style it'd make me very happy.

    More to come if necessary. I'm hoping for good with SC5 Tira. I'll always rep her even if she's top tier :)
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  18. Luff_The_Talim2

    Luff_The_Talim2 [09] Warrior

    what?! REally? You lie! LIES!
  19. Luff_The_Talim2

    Luff_The_Talim2 [09] Warrior

    Oh Mikosu! Where have you been! T-T But anywho!

    First I just wanna say. I LOVE the Tira community and Tira. I myself use Talim and Tira. Mainly because they are similar in unexpected ways. Everyone underestimates them, Their under-used, and they are both hella punishable. But their flow and unique style make them the most fun characters in the game. (for me anyway)

    But anyway. Going off of Mikosu's amazing points:

    Frames FRAMES FRAMES!!!!! I'd like to know why 11k isnt punishable? Lol I dont mean to punch a gift horse in the mouth but of all the moves to be safe. Why that on? And why not 66aa? I dunno. I just feel they may have made Tira hard on purpose. :D If so then WOOT!

    I definatly agree with making Jolly and Gloomy more unique. It would even be fun if they made it so that they didnt share any moves. I know that sounds crazy but still. And jolly should have perks to gain huge frame advantages or even heal. ( I sound crazy!) but still! If gloomy takes so much damage, there should be some kind of extremly difficult jf to gain a little health. Like if you land 44k in JS and you shake out of the headache in a JF then you gain a bit of health. Comment.

    Ooo stepkill. And if they dont want to add too much at least give step kill to jolly. She needs it. :D

    Lol I forgot about hovering lark. I dunno. That stance just added some kind of cool-ness to Tira. It made her unique weapon seem more realistic and unique. Not to mention the good moves.
  20. AppleJuice

    AppleJuice [03] Disciple

    I just want her moves to look as flashy as they were in SCIII.

    :4: Ignorant :3
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