CaS Challenge P3: Fairies!


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Nearly a month since SCV's release, CaS has experienced tremendous innovation since. We've seen more than our fair share of Morrigans and Kratos's, let alone Hulks and Clouds, and it takes more than a couple bat wings or raccoon tails to surprise us. One particular character archetype that inspires artistic freedom is the fairy.

This Fairy Challenge is intentionally open-ended to permit greater versatility. No fancy profile this time. Just lots of bug wings and ethereal thongs. Fairies are a diverse bunch, and they vary a great deal in origin and nakedness. It's time to unleash your perverted, phatasmagoric imagination upon the world (of SCV!)


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Still awesome as always, Gatsu. Leaves were a cool touch. I'll have a more detailed profile next time. For now I've gotta study for my midterms lol.


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I'm a bit Toriyama fan is my fairy

For those who don't understand Toriyama greatness I did another one

BTW, I love your grimdark fairy, Klandestine, I thought into doing something like that yesterday when I saw the thread, but when I saw yours today I thought "I don't think I can make something more creepy than that" so lets move to other idea


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@klandestinie: I like the dark angle of your fairy. Nightmarish, yet sexy. Nice use of that mask.
@NeclordX: Lol wut...I don't know Toriyama, but he looks like Hard Gay.
@K0rN_b4ll: Nice color scheme. Makes me think of dryads.

Here's mine. I call this CaS Beelzebub for the obvious reasons.
SOULCALIBUR V2-cropped.png

SOULCALIBUR Ⅴ_2-cropped.png

SOULCALIBUR V-cropped.png
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@NecLordX: Hmm, I know Dragon Ball, but I don't quite get the reference. You definitely nailed the BDSM look though.
@chobek: Ooh pretty. How'd you get the character portrait to show up?
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@NecLordX: Cool crossbow. I still don't get the references. I actually hate Toriyama's art style. It's too angular and masculine for my tastes. I prefer Yoshitaka Amano's wispy, dream-like style.

@Pressy24: Nice jester/fairy. Perhaps a few swirly stickers/tattoos would add some personality.


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