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  • Hey, Gatsu! I wanted to say, I'm really blown away by what you've created in CaS! I wanted to know if there was any way you could share your awesome SCIV-inspired Kilik? I've got a very barebones version of that costume on my game, but you really did him justice. That's my favorite costume of his in the series!
    It's a shame to let all your work go to waste. Is there any way I could persuade you to restore your thread?
    Hey! I'm a big fan of your work. Do you take requests? If you do, could you make Gray Fox from Metal Gear? I tried to and I found it impossible. If you make him I would blown away.
    Hi, I know it's been a while since you made it... but do you happen to still have the formula for Mihawk's Beard/Collar etc? (really can't get them to look right...)
    Hi there! Just dropping in to remind/pester you about voting and supporting SCV in the Fall Classic poll by oneframelink! Simply retweet this message and you're done! If you do not have a twitter please take five minutes of your day to make one! You don't even need to bother with account again afterwards! If you have already voted, then thank you!!
    hi gatsu, i saw your mihawk creation, best one ever! but could you possibly make a formula video of him? so i know what he is wearing, what his accessories are/where his asseccories are? that would be awesome.
    I read the whole bulk of Berserk that was available. I was hooked, it was all I did for several days. xD
    Hey Gatsu! I was wondering if you could help me create Bayonetta? I'm a huge fan of yours!!! You're the best :)
    Hey Gatsu! How are you? Say, your drawings are amazing and I'm definitely jealous of your skills... I was wondering: could you maybe help me if you have time? I really suck at colouring up (and I'm colourblind) and I would like my fanchar drawing to be coloured up... Sorry to bother you haha :D Thanks in advance!
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