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( IK this thread is kinda dead but i had fun putting these together, sorry abt some being in the wrong order)

972D7A01-01D6-4209-9BA6-1D451A5D7F1A.jpeg 74C80C5A-9277-40B4-857B-050F56A3C6D6.jpeg C992FF01-80C2-411C-ABEA-99B509B056E6.jpeg
54C5DDE3-8E99-4225-B28A-05E7CB8DA6B3.jpeg 27447A77-479C-4626-BC68-EA8B96B68A07.jpeg 50F5A6E8-37DE-4A85-9C4A-0114DA443F04.jpegC8483445-81AD-4254-832E-ABC4300927DA.jpeg

2B3A97C2-C02B-441B-B434-738D7EFAD76E.jpeg 7E767494-B24B-4892-BE69-7E1CA2C535CB.jpeg 50A4EC99-4D57-4F83-A533-FCFCD5EC3C51.jpeg0E75AF2E-0E60-4B65-83D9-6B54E1E46171.jpeg


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[14] Master
It's kinda hard to review your work when you don't assign names (or even numbers) to your creations, but you have some good ideas here. I like how you use that crow mask. Especially how you combine it with the hooded cape and swimsuit. I've never seen that combination before. Very eccentric. See if you can give her more claws using special equipment. Also, I'd recommend you dig around the forums to acquire some new techniques with special equipment or stickers. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions. All the best.


[09] Warrior
Sorry about the lack of labels in that case i think ill just stick to the canon nicknames Iron Thrush and Crimson Despair. Tysm!
As much as i like Tira’s costumes they never really conveyed “ex assassin” to me, i generally try to go a little more practical with the clothes and dark/muted color choices. For Pyrrha O, i really like trying for a “female Nightmare” -ish look but more streamlined/compact.


[14] Master
Oooohh I see it now. I could sense that there was a very strong theme tying together the Tira and the Pyrrha outfits. I just couldn't figure out what. I like the ranger/assassin look for Tira. That crow mask and feathered gloves one in particular stands out. Reminded me a lot of Bloodborne's Eileen the crow. The Pyrrha alts seem a bit clunky. Heavy armor for one spot and exposed skin for another. Still you're off to a great start.

For a quick overview of SCV's advanced sticker techniques, you can check out this guide here:
Take a look and let me know what you think!