CEO has added SCV to the 2014 line up!

CEO (Community Effort Orlando) takes place in Orlando Florida (June 27-29) and is hosted by @CEOJebailey once every year. Since Jebailey is such an awesome tournament organizer, he listened to our community and we are now at CEO 2014! He is willing to give us even more love as long as we show up and support his event.

Here are some of the deals he has offered us via Facebook.
Jebailey said:
It'll start and finish on Saturday unless a massive turnout regiseters then finals on Sunday on FunkyP in the morning. So pre-regging helps, if we get 64+ then I'll make sure it gets in the ring on Saturday with at least Top 4, less than 64 then Top 8 on FunkyP but will have it streamed on his channel one way or another.
Also unless 64 players Pre-Reg for SCV by April 15th I won't be purchasing something special that I've already budgeted for the other games already. I haven't announced what it is yet but it's valued at $300 each and not something I can afford alone lightly. If SCV doesn't hit that number I'll still get medals etc for top 4 at least. Good Luck
Avylon has also agreed to help organize SCV. If you don't know about them, they are the guys who have consistently made the best brackets for our game, recorded and uploaded all non-streamed tournament matches to their YouTube, made sure everyone gets everywhere on time, and have competed in many Soulcalibur tournaments. As always, we are excited to have their presence at this event.

@RTD and myself have already pre-registered. @Omega, @lolo, and other Florida players are expected to be there as well. Hopefully we will see the rest of you guys there too. Let's show CEO how thankful we are! Soulcalibur will be starting and ending on Saturday, June 28th. You can check out their website for more details or our thread here on 8wayrun.

*UPDATE* CEO is also hosting a pot bonus drive. If you buy a shirt here, $5 will be added as prize money to any game you want.
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I have a good chance of making this event (like 70%) if certain things go according to plan. If not I'll probably just throw another fundraiser for a foreign player who is likely to attend instead.