[Chicago, IL] anyone out here play?


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I see that DevilDigimon and Syxx placed higher than you at that tournament you played at; we'll have you beating those guys in no time!

<3 Webster.
You do understand I didn't really play and don't like SCIV right? LOL...smh.

If I do get into SCV and stick with it, I'd be more concerned about if YOU could be beat me yourself, not so much training folks to beat me.

Yeah, there are so many people with the handle containing Fury i figured I'd just make a simple name. Then again after all these years i doubt anyone knows who the original Fury is, well, except you.
OG > current

Mad respect brotha

Loud black guys? Wonderful, i'll bring Shouji.


Welcome back Neoshinji, Seven, Aaron, and Fury

Very pleased to see some of the OG Chicago players considering giving SCV a shot. Def thinking about doing the same. SCIV left a horribad taste in folks mouth. Well the people that matter anyways. ;) "Respect history to obtain a greater future." That pic of OG Chi players, is a prime example of that. ^_^


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Me sticking with the game, or me losing to you?

If it's sticking with the game...MK9 has been the only fighting game I played the longest. Which I still do currently (regardless of how irritating it can be lol).

And I seriously hope you're not comparing, my skills in a 2d game (online matches at that lmfao), to potential skill in a 3d one. Entirely different beast.


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Lets see if i can do this from left to right:

funked, HeartNana, Wyzt, Shouji, aaronisbla, fLoE, crewwolfy??, Kageh, Seven, Neoshinji, Silks.

And as Phil tagged me on facebook, im the pile of coats.
I still have that hoodie. but i cant fit my hat anymore, too much hair


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In case anyone has this thread on watch and not the Tea Mighty chi one, we're going to have a session at HuamnTyphoon's this Sunday and all are welcome. PM me for details.

P.S. Put the Team Mighty Ci thread on watch.


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Hope to be seeing you guys soon. I'm picking up the game later this week and will be going to gatherings around the area. Can't wait! ^_^
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Im at Calumet City IL, just next to the stateline next to IN. Im looking for offline players to play SC2, & other sc games (Also i can play UMK3 or MKT64, mk9, ggxrd, ggxxac, vf5fs, doa5, 3s, sf4,). I got my ps3 controller.


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Chicago players? Anyone in the Chicago area planning to play SCVI?
Yeah I'm from Chicago. There's a Facebook group called "SOULCALIBUR Competitive Players". You'll have better luck there as there's several Chicago guys posting in there. I have an idea, but I'm not 100% sure where we're meeting to play so it's better if you get the logistics from one of them.