cool creations


[10] Knight

haseo from . hack

sparda from devil may cry

raven from zoids chaotic century/ guardian force

zuko from avatar the last air bender


[10] Knight

darth sion from knights of the old republic 2 sith lords

angela from spawn

redeemer/anti spawn from spawn

apocalypse from the x-man game rise of apocalypse

kugo ginjo bankai form from bleach

nekron leader of the black lantern corp from DC's the blackest night mini-series



[14] Master
Your Nemesis and Spawn are exquisite. I'm impressed you discovered all these new techniques with special equipment this late after SCV's release. Even so, your work shows that you value accuracy above aesthetics. This slavish dedication to detail inevitably leads to slightly awkward imitations. Take your Vincent's bulky outfit or Batman's comically distressed expression for example.

My advice is to use the originals only as templates. I'm not suggesting that you add random details just to make it different. I'm suggesting that you make the necessary changes to make your character look good, accurate or not. Details become especially trivial when you consider how drastically comic/TV/anime characters change their appearance based on the year, series, or artist.

For an example among my recent recreations, Aela (from Skyrim) was originally all in subdued shades of green, brown, and grey. Rather than copying the color scheme, I increased the saturation and added a few splashes of red.

Just so you don't take me the wrong way, your work is among the best of the forum's latest. These are merely a few principles of mine which may or may not suit your tastes. Whatever you decide to do, I look forward to your next update.