Dampierre Wiki


[08] Mercenary
I've started work on putting his attacks in the wiki. I can't test frames, but I'll do the damage and soul gauge damage for the moves.
With the notes, if I can consistently mash something mentioned as mashable I'll mention it as MSH, otherwise I'll list it as random unless someone can say just how goddang hard I need to mash for it.

9/9/09: A/B/Throws done, K started.
9/10/09: Every move entered. K and 8WR moves need damage and soul gauge damages.


[09] Warrior
Gonna do some wiki work myself soon, I've made enough showy videos for now. First I'll finish the parts zyeoo started, then I'll try to tackle doing frames.

Not positive on how to do frames however...


World Warrior
I've already started on the frame data, I've added the impact frames of most of the moves, but haven't got around to doing the guard/hit/counterhit frame data. I might have time next week to work on that.