Dance for me! Character Matchup Specifcs

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This thread will contain certified character specifics and will be updated with information as it is compiled. If there is anything you disagree with, post it in the discussion thread here and I will have a look.

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Ezio Auditore

  • AAB - It’s going to take practice to JG this. On JG its 3B punishable. On block its -15. The usage of this move if AA is blocked depends on how gutsy and desperate the Leixia player is. I don’t think you can tell between the AA and AAB animations.
  • 6(A) - Viola 3B is evaded by Leixia WR B. Punish with BB right after you block it you can 2A. 2A is better also if you have certain follow-ups for 6A and 6(A).
  • 3AA - TC, MID and i20. This move sucks at tip range and if 3A is blocked at tip 3AA will whiff, punish with 3B. 3AA is actually easy to JG. Its -13 on a JG. Look for her hilt and wrist movement. practice it too.
  • 6BA - Against Viola this move is risky, Viola 3B TCs the A part. Try to look for the horizontal strike. 3B will also punish 6BaB, just look for the horizontal strike. Try to react accordingly to the 6BA and 6B. Practice it
  • 4B Series - 4BB actually is easy to recognize due to leixia spinning and the window is large enough for a JG, on JG is -12. You can step it though, and punish with 3B. 4BbK can also be punished by 3B if i recall but you have to twitch step if you anticipate 4BB, react well and 3B to punish. look for the blue edge attack color of 4BbK and the spinning animation of 4BB. practice it.
  • 6KK - kinda difficult to JG at first. JG is more rewarding as it lessens SG damage and its 3B punishable. I would practice JGing this move alot in order to tell between 6K and 6KK as it is an annoying move. its -16 on block for both hits. Its i14 too.
  • 1KK - thank god this move has poor range. stay at N/O 6B (tip) range to evade this move. If you can, block the 1st hit and punish with 9A or you can use 9A to evade the first hit. practice it. Doing this can discourage her FC mix up game. (Ex: Leixia 1K, you block low due to expecting 1KK, leixia 2A/2K/WR A/WR B mixups. it can cripple her SG game too.
  • A+B - JG the second hit, (A+B) is steppbale to viola's right.
  • 2A+B - Evade ad punish with 8/9 A
  • 4A+B - JG before the 2nd hit is blocked, look for the 4A+bB animation and punish with 3B, 4A+B is -16 on JG. punish with 6B or BB.
  • FC 3bB - dont lock up on this move, just A) step and 3B punish or B) 9A. Depends on if you hesitate. On KNDs Ukemi left and step, look for the blue animation of the BA.
  • 66B series - it’s steppable and 66BB and 66BbB is steppable if you block 66B. Leixia will use this move to close in if you turtle. Try to practice telling between 66BB and 66B to discourage this move. Practice it.
Moves to look out for:
  • 1A - a mid horizontal, however it’s slow but TCs. has good range too. CH 1A 3B CE is a combo.
  • 4A - mid horizontal, faster than 1A but doesn’t TC. Aside from its advancing step, this move has terrible range.
  • 3B - yes this will be Leixia's main SG damage move if you have good use of anti Leixia. It spaces Viola and is -13. you best punish is K or to set up a low/mid mix up on her recovery. Viola will have problems with this move if you decide not to step and if you’re at mid range.
  • 1B - Leixia's close range SG damage against viola.
  • 3K - a ridiculous ranged kick that skills backstep. It’s linear, but fast.
  • 4K - another ridiculous kick that has very good range, kills side step, but is high.
  • 3A+B - fast mid horizontal that puts Leixia in FC.
Your goal:
  • Stay at close range with her in order to get the maximum damage for punishing.
    • Courtesy of Dark Rhythm
·Ducked orb recalls get 236B'd.
·22K is seriously annoying - obviously it steps verticals, but it also tech crouches AND leads into immense damage if it hits.
·1K is her best low, and it only works at point-blank range. Stay a little outside of that range when possible.
·66B BE is super easy to JG for a 3B punish. However, it tracks completely both ways, does great damage on a standing opponent and catches all tech rolls. Be wary.
· 66A is a mid step-killer that can't be punished. Use the opportunity to set up 6B+K instead, maybe?
·Backdash is more effective against her than sidestep. 236B could catch you, but is very risky for them to throw out. 6B+K will mess you up if they anticipate it.
·Both 66A+G and B+G put her in great oki positions - 4K and 1K can be mixed up comparatively safely. The former does slightly more damage, but in general there's no obvious break to have as a go-to in any particular situation.
· All of her BEs other than 66B BE (which I mentioned earlier) are garbage. 4AA BE and the ilk are easily just guardable. Or, better yet, just use a quick tech jump move instead.
·4B is 0 on block, but it's very linear and slow. Nothing much to be scared of.
AA –Duck under and WR B
·4AAA –Punish with 3B
·4AB –Punish with 2B or JG punish with 3B/44A BE
·2BB –Punish with 3B
·3B –ORB 6A+B (At close range) -- If SET try 6B+K mixups.JG and punish with 3B
·4B –Quickstep and backgrab into 44A BE/3B
·6B – When blocked backstep to avoid follow up attack; When follow up attack whiffs, punish with 8A+B
·B+K B –Punish with 3B/ 44A BE
·3A+B –Try JG if anticipating
·8B+K –Backstep and punish with 8A+B. Interrupt with 9K/BBB
·8[B+K] – JG punish with 44A BE or 3B
·WR [A+B] –If spotted when before starts, sidestep and back grab. If spotted too late either backdash and 8A+B or interrupt with 8A+B.
·66B –2A from crouching in case opponent tries to attack or move. Or, JG and punish with BBB into 6B+K mixups. Or 6B+K mixups.
·66A –2A in case of step or opponent tries to attack. Or, JG and punish with 3B/44A BE
·66K –Punish with BBB into 6B+K mixups. Or, JG and punish with 3B
·22K –Sidestep if you suspect 236B and backgrab. Or, JG and punish with 3B/44A BE
·236AA –Punish with WR B
·234 B –Punish with 3B
·66B BE –JG 2nd hit punish BBB into 6B+K mixups. JG 1st hit, sidestep and backgrab or 3B.
·236AA BE –JG and punish with 3B/44A BE. Or after blocking the low, sidestep and punish.
·4AAA BE –Last attack will always whiff if string is guarded. Punish with 3B/44A BE. Alternatively, JG first hit, then
immediately jump and 3B punish.
·CE– Punish with 3B. JG last two hits or at least the last one. Punish with 44A BE or 3B
Pyrrha Omega
  • You can 1B under OPyrrah's 11AA or 11A[A]. If you get the timing right, it might CH if she attempts to 11A[A] and you can continue with a 3B combo.
    • Courtest of Alexiserf
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